Benefits of Bike Ride Tracking Apps

Biking applications are made as a sole help for our bikers. However, app for tracking bike rides can also be used for other outdoor events such as mountain climbing, road caravan, and even running sports. These applications are supported by GPS and packed with other navigation capabilities.

One of the main reasons it can assist other sports, not just cycling, is its heart rate monitor features and assistive health functions like counting calorie burned steps or leaps taken. According to this study, to be healthy, cycling at 12 mph can help burn 563 calories per hour, which means 20 minutes of cycling can help a person stay healthy.

When it comes to walking, we need at least 30 minutes of walking every day. While we can track all of this using a simple watch, a simple look won't provide us with routes feedbacks and GPS that would help us get familiarized with a particular place. Moreover, bike riding apps can help boost confidence in going outdoor because of their social features that encourages users to connect and share information with each other. Some use it to compete, while some use it to help others. Nevertheless, both help in their own unique way. Here are some bike ride tracking apps you might want to know about.

Types of Bike Ride Tracking Apps

Some of the bike ride tracking apps that need support from a computer, while some can function on your mobile phone alone. Some applications don't require you to pay, while some require purchasing a plan.

In addition, there is also bike riding app that you can use offline, while some require you have a mobile connection to ensure a supply of the internet. I have listed some of the popular bike ride tracking apps below.

The Top Five Apps for Tracking Bike Rides



While most riders resort to using a separate GPS device installed on the computer to monitor their rides and then connect it to the app to see other riders' progress, you can use Strava like a cycle gadget on your phone.

This app for tracking bike rides can give analytics which includes the rankings of famous road and trail stretches. Moreover, Strava is famous for providing GPS maps of where your ride sessions are.

It also has a real-time feature that can show how fast you travel on a specific trail. In short, it will help you know your strengths, whether it is mountain climbs or on narrow roads. Moreover, it has a social component like Facebook, in which you can follow your friends and get updated about their bike sessions. You can also comment and congratulate them on the platform as well.

Pricing and Availability

It is priced at £6.99 monthly or £47.99 annually, available on IOS and Android.



You can use Komoot on your desktop computer or your phone application. This supports users in planning their riding sessions ahead of time. Moreover, it also suggests which routes are suitable to take depending on the rider's fitness.

You just have to pick your riding style and your desired starting and ending point. Its analytics will pick the road suitable for you to take, whether it is a mountain, or hill climb, or just a flat road.

After that, it will show you images and some details of the road that came from other users. You can leave a review too, and it will be shown as feedback for other bikers. This is vital because it can offer you and others safety precautions and things that a biker should know about the road to avoid accidents such as cracks and accidental prone areas.

It also supports free application and map updates, offline maps, and voice navigation.

Pricing and Availability

It is available on IOS and Android. On the other hand, the premium plan varies on the scope of your desired routes. If you are just planning to bike in a single region, it has a fee of £3.99 / $3.99 / 3.99. But if you plan to ride in a few more areas, you will have to pay a monthly fee of £8.99 / $8.99 / €8.99. Meanwhile, if you plan to have access to routes in the whole worlds, the fee is £29.99 / $29.99 / €29.99.



Like any other bike ride tracking app, this also offers route planning, real-time updates, and navigation. This real-time feature alerts the biker if there are problems during the ride. It is really not something that bikers find helpful, especially those who know their routes well. However, it is a big help for bikers new to a particular place.

Pricing and Availability

This bike ride tracking app is also available on Android and IOS with a premium fee of £9 monthly/ £35 annually. If it is such a hassle for you to think about paying every month or year, and you really bike often, they also offer a plan with lifetime access for only £89.



This bike tracking app has similarities to CycleMeter because of its route-mapping software. Although the service is already good, you can still upgrade it with a more advanced option to share with your family and friends without any interruption of advertisements.

Pricing and Availability

It is free to use on IOS or Android, but a premium plan is also available.

Google Maps


Google Maps is the Map that everyone, even those not into biking uses. You can use this to find places, read reviews and check them out yourself. It also suggests while routes and bikes you can alternatively take you. If you are not familiar with the place, it has an voice turn-by-turn assistant, which you can listen to with earphones on.

Pricing and Availability

This app for tracking bike rides is 100% free! Just download it on Playstore or Apple Store, and you are good to go. Don't forget to connect it with your email address!


While there are many more apps for tracking bike rides, you would always have to choose the application that gives you the best service without taking much toll on your pocket.

You can even better this experience more by connecting your phone with a bike-riding application to your smartwatch!

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