“Hey, bike and go green with us!”

One year ago, Heybike started the goal to help people commute conveniently and seamlessly to work, and now we are honored to celebrate our 1st anniversay with our current loyal friends and future followers.

For the past one year, we had successfully introduced five ebike models which are Heybike Mars, Heybike Cityscape, Heybike Ranger, Heybike Race and the newly launched Heybike Explorer, all those 5 models are targeting difference riders and different purposes. And we are excited to got our ebikes reviewed by a lot of authoritive medias in the bike industry like Electrek, Bike Folded and Electric Revolution, and even by some technical giant like Digital Trends and Clean Technica, that’s definitely big encouragement for our continously effort.

But the work would not stop because we reached an important milestone and got some achivements. The world is evolving faster than ever before, and Heybike is going to follow the steps and serve riders better.

Hot Sale Heybike Electrical Bikes Explained

Heybike Mars

Heybike Mars is a quite special type of fat tire ebike which can be folded down easily in just two steps for better transportation, that means you can take and ride with it everywhere. You can ride it up to 37 miles with pure electric and up to 48 miles if with pedal assisting. Thanks for the rear ebike motor design, Heybike Mars could provide boosting power even you are riding on hills and bumpy ground. And with the 4-inches fat tires, you could enjoy the superior and smooth riding experience on beach.

Heybike Cityscape

A lot of new riders want to try ebike but with limited budgets, so we introduced Heybike Cityscape with affordable price but still equipped with many great features. With the geared hub motor which powered by 350W capacity and removable battery which has 36V 10Ah large capacity, you can ride up to 25 miles with pure electric and even up to 40 miles with pedal assising. And there is a USB port on the battery which allows you to charge the electronic devices on the go.

Heybike Ranger

Heybike Ranger is a step-thru ebike with fat tires, with the easy folding feature like Heybike Mars, you can also take it everywhere. With the powerful 500 Watt motor, Heybike Range can get you ride up to 25 mph which make you feel flying in the wind. And with the 48V 15Ah Lithium-lon battery, you can ride up to 37-48 miles per charge which is definitely enough for most one-day commutes. And thanks to the 4-inch all terrain fat tires, you can also ride it for adverturing outside.

Heybike Race

Like the name itself suggested, Heybike Race is trying to help urban riders enjoy the experience of racing. You will surprised by the power but with affordable price. Just like Heybike Mars, the rear ebike motor design can take you to anywhere you want to go, no matter it is flat terrain, hills and bumpy ground. With the powerful 36V 10Ah battery, you can ride up to 25-40 miles per full charge in 5-6 hours, you can also remove the battery with the key and charge it at home.

Heybike Explorer

The latest launched Heybike Explorer is one of our big steps to try to explore the extra long range ebike area. And we feel honored to get the Explorer reviewed by Digital Trends this time.

With a upgraded 750 Watt motor, the Heybike Explore is capable of reaching up to 28 mp/h speed, and the powerful 48V 20Ah battery could provide up to 55 miles under pure electric mode and up to 70 miles when using pedal-assist mode. We used twist throttle on Explorer which provides a stable ride so that you can easily handle rough road conditions. So Heybike Explorer is a great option for riders who want to go long distances and enjoy riding both for on the road and off-road.

Special Offers in Heybike Anniversary

Besides the extra $50/pc discount for any 2 bikes purchases in the celebration time, we are excited to introduce the Heybike Anniversary Box which worth over $99 during this great period. There are 2 ways to get the lucky Anniversay Box:

  • Anyone who buy an ebike during May 5,2022 - May 20,2022 will get the anniversary box
  • Anyone who share the best Heybike moments fro entry could have the chance to win the anniversary box

And if you are the lucky one that got the Anniversay Box, you will have the chance to win another extra $50 Heybike giftcard by sharing the box moment on any social media (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook). 


As the time flies, Heybike is acknowledged by more and more bike riders who want to go green, perhaps you are waiting for a good moment like now to get one Heybike for yourself, family or a great gift for close friend, we would say this is the best moment to say Hey with us, bike with us and go green with us.

This is more than just an anniversay and promotion,it is also our speical way to say Thank You to the Heybike followers and even all of the enthusiastic bike riders. We know there is still a long long road to contribute the green world, but we are a strong believer that we can finally reach there with our fans and make it a better world!

Hey, time to bike with us!

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