Travelling from one place to another can be easy, and hard. Everyone wants to have a comfort ride when moving from one place to another. They also want to be secured. There should be no issue while traveling. This is what everyone desires.

Heybike offers more than this. A top quality, highly recommended by riders, electric bikes are produced. The bikes are extraordinary from every point of view.
These electric bikes come without the issue of running out of fuel. There is no need of finding a petrol station to get your bike filled. These bikes are beyond all, and come with the latest technology.

We will discuss fascinating electric bikes produced by Heybike.

Fascinating Features of Electric Bike

Electric bike possesses more qualities than ordinary bikes. Electric bike never lets down the rider regarding the issue of petrol. The Electric bike is safe and faster than other bikes. Since the bike is electric, this creates an ease for riders to drive.


Heybike is producing E-bikes which are more comfortable, easier to ride, safer, easy to handle, pollution free and the most reasonable prices.

Battery Capacity

Furthermore, electric bike of Heybike owns higher battery capacity, that provides a longer and safe drive. Electric bike has less charging time as compared to other E-Bikes.

Heybike electric bike can lift a maximum load of 330 Lbs. (149 Kg)

Miles Coverage

It travels 40 Miles (64 Km) which is a large distance. You can easily reach your destination with the maximum speed of 19 Mph (30 Km/h). Electric bike of Heybike comes with great combination as it can journey a large distance with faster speed that makes it preferable among all other E-Bikes.

Motor Capacity

Heybike electric bike owns a motor capacity of 350 W. This power demonstrates that this bike can easily reach 30 Km/h. The gradeability of Heybike electric bike can reach 20 ° in road and common conditions. This ensures that Heybike electric bike can really provide a safe ride.

Dedicated Removable Battery

You can think that if you are on long journey, and battery discharges completely. And there is no point of charging battery again. Well, Heybike has already kept this in view, and made the bike that has removable battery.

So, if ever your battery dies on the go, you do not to worry. You can simply unlock the position, and replace your battery. Heybike provides a lock system that keeps your battery safe.

Fat Tire Electric Bike

Heybike produces Mars Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike. Mars is beyond all regarding power, distance cover, comfort, gradeability, load and much more.

Betterment for User Experience

For better user experience, Heybike offers the fastest delivery that takes only 1 business day. Experts on team of Heybike will advise you if you are facing any issue. Users can get their questions answered within 24 hours.

Furthermore, Heybike gives you the warranty of 2 years. This is the best combination that bike having extraordinary features comes with appealing services.

Motor Capacity

Mars Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike has motor capacity of 500 W. This is enough power for your bike to travel the Maximum range of 48 Miles (77 Km). This is enough distance if your workplace is at this range. You can easily go to your work, and come back.

This bike is environment friendly. There will be neither noise pollution, nor air pollution.

Battery Capacity and Mileage Coverage

The battery capacity is 48 V that takes 6 to 7 hours to be charged. This capacity is enough to give the maximum speed of 20 Mph (32 Km/h). This creates a great combination that Mars can complete the maximum range of 48 Miles at the maximum speed of 28 Mph. This is beyond all.

Maximum Load

The Mars can lift maximum load of 330 Lbs. (149 Kg). Riders can easily carry luggage of 330 Lbs. wherever they happen to be. Surprisingly, this is enough load, and from the point view of travelers, this can be the best E-bike.

Competent Brushless Motor

The rear motor is added to provide you boost riding. You can exactly feel the greater riding. The motor is powerful enough to take you anywhere you want to go regardless the bumpy ground. There is power enough to be adventurous to climb over the hills. Motor of 500 W provides satisfactory power for hilly roads. There is maximum speed of 20 Mph.

Puncture Resistant Fat Tires

What makes it the best among all other bikes is its quality of its tires. This bike owns the puncture resistant fat tires that are 4-icnhes wide. The fat tires of Mars provide a greater area of tires to be in contact with the ground to give riders the highest level of stability, superior grip, and a smoother ride. No conventional bike features these extraordinary qualities.

When it comes to advancement. The Mars provides riders a multifunction display. The display provides information about power, speed of bike, and mileage.


We have seen the flabbergasting and extraordinary features of electric bike Mars Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike. This makes everyone wonder that Heybike has designed these products in such a way that these bikes meet all the requirements of human. Though, it has some extra features that conventional bikes don’t.

We have seen the puncture resistant tire with larger contact area that provides stability, and comfort to the riders. Battery power, brushless motor, capacity of lifting up loads and much more that make Heybike Production extraordinary.
Heybike is celebrating their anniversary sale. To celebrate with riders, Heybike has announced The Heybike Anniversary. Taking part in this can really be enjoyable for riders. You will get gifts, boxes and much more prizes from Heybike.

You will also get special discounts on buying their products. This can be the moment of enjoy for riders, as they are getting special discounts, and the prizes as well.

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