What is a Direct Drive Hub Motor

Direct-drive motor systems, often known as brushless or speed motors, are typically larger and heavier than their geared counterparts. For them to accelerate, more energy is needed. But once they start moving, they increase and sustain that speed, enabling them to attain faster top speeds.

Advantages of Direct Drive Hub Motor

  • E-bikes travel at 28 mph in class 3 and are better for speed. Speed and torque, or turning force, are the two elements that communicate your pedal and motor effort to the road. Gearless motors operate more effectively at higher speeds since they are inherently low in torque.
  • Regenerative braking is a possibility, which refers to the capacity to recharge the battery when the motor is used as an electronic brake. Although it may seem magical, the amount of charge returned to the battery will probably leave you unsatisfied.
  • On larger, heavier vehicles (like electric trains), when energy losses are lower proportionately to the size of the bike, regenerative braking is significantly more effective.
  • Regenerative braking can be a convenient feature on long downhills as it limits you from repeatedly using the brakes, reduce brake overheating, and stop excessive brake pad wear. On lengthy and steep plunges, the latter can provide a possible problem with highly heavy e-bikes, such as e-cargo bikes.
  • There are fewer moving parts, which means fewer mechanical issues. But in general, you get what you pay for, and the magnets attached to the hub shell are known to come loose because they are practically stuck on because of the poor-quality motors.
  • Running is almost completely silent because there is no gear noise.
  • The hub motor requires less upkeep and repair and breaks down less frequently.

Applications of Direct Hub Motors

Electric Bikes

The original and most fundamental electric motors used in e-Bikes are direct-drive hub motors. The motor spins straight around the axle and has no other moving components outside the bearings it rests on.

Electric Scooters

Hub motors are used in modern electric scooters. It indicates that the motor directly drives the wheel because it is mounted inside the hub.

The hub motor has an advantage in that there are fewer potentially fragile components and the power output does not lose energy through the gearbox system.

Electric Skateboards

Direct-drive hub motors are used in electric skateboards and function similarly. They directly apply torque to the wheel, but the bike motor is positioned on the trucks and is only inside the wheel other than being embedded in the wheel itself.

Electric Cars

Electric hub motors are electric motors that are attached to an electric car's wheels. The driving mechanism is more effective to get the same result as a gearless motor. Because of this integration, there is no longer a need for hefty, heavy components like gears and gearboxes.

What are the Differences Between Direct Drive and Geared Hub Motors

Volume & Weight

The volume and weight of the gearless hub motor are high in direct proportion. The geared hub motor, on the other hand, is substantially lighter, allowing you to enjoy cycling.

Most Rapid

The gear reduction mechanism of the geared hub motor lowers the rotor speed to control the bike speed under the federal norm. Therefore, compared to gear hub motors, gearless hub motors have a higher top speed.


When the electric bike is in motion, the geared hub motor experiences less resistance than the gearless motor. The geared motor's clutch device transfers the pedaling force directly to the back wheel without interfering with the electromagnetic structure rotation, so it does not add a lot of extra resistance.


The geared hub motor generates more torque, making it an excellent choice for hill climbing and regular commuting. You must exert effort to get the same result with a gearless motor.

Battery Life

Geared hub motors use less electricity and can generate higher energy while using less battery power than direct drive motors. The e-bike with a geared hub motor's battery has a longer lifespan.


The hub's gears make a minimal amount of noise as a result of the gear reduction system's operation. The direct drive motor is quieter because it generates less mechanical friction.


As we explained, the rotor/central gear is engaged during the gear reduction system's functioning. Over time, the parts will become worn down, but a gearless hub motor is more difficult to harm. But do not worry, a top-notch geared hub motor's durability is also ensured.


The motor you choose entirely relies on your demands. Consider all the aspects of your journey, including weight, mobility, top speed, torque, distance, and resistance. Geared motors outperform direct drive hub motors in terms of portability, torque, resistance, battery life, and efficiency.

A geared hub motor e-bike is the perfect option if you typically prioritize maintaining your electric bike and do not have a burning need for top speed.

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