What Are ABS on Electric Bike?

ABS Brake for Electric Bike is a special braking experience to help riders stop and feel confident when riding a bicycle without any mechanical brake. Modern bikes are equipped with hydraulic brakes, which use powerful pistons located within the bike frame to serve as the primary braking system. Most electric bicycles still have this type of braking system when riding, but due to its characteristics, it may not provide sufficient stopping power for consumers on regular road surfaces.

This is the reason why factory electric motor e-bikes are equipped with a separate motorized brake system to unlock the power of mechanical braking, providing more dynamic and safety braking experiences for riders.

With a normal electric bike, if you accidentally press the brake lever twice, this would break the circuit of the electricity that can no longer circulate and thus stop working as a brake. With an ABS brake system on your electric bike, this function is disabled to ensure that your bike runs smoothly in all conditions.

Why Using ABS Brake on Electric Bike?

As there are many advantages and disadvantages on the use of ABS on electric bike. Let's have a look on it to see how an ABS system would benefit you.

For example, suppose that you need to brake when riding downhill. Without ABS, you will probably be afraid of braking hard because the brake may lock or skid and cause your bicycle to flip over. However, with this function of the electric bicycle, you can be pushed hard with even braking power that ensures a much smoother ride and greater control than ever before.

With the electric bike using ABS, you can not brake twice in a row. The power of motorized braking is essentially reduced and cut off when you press the brake lever to prevent bikes from skidding on thin road surfaces. Therefore, it becomes easier to control the speed and reduce braking distance when travelling downhill with an electric bike that uses ABS.

Consumers are increasing focusing on product safety and security, as there are no more large-scale product quality issues recently.

Tips to Maintain Your Electric Bike Brakes

1. The Brake Lever

When riding an electric bike with ABS, you will have to brake by pressing the brake lever. If you do not use the brake lever correctly, the braking force will be reduced and could cause an accident.

2. Using Different Types of Brake Pads

If your brakes are worn out, you can replace them with new ones from local suppliers. Brakes pads that were used on electric bikes before may now be replaced by new ones to ensure safety and a smooth ride for riders.

3. Brake Lever Position

The brake lever should be easy to operate and positioned away from the handlebar so that riders can easily reach it when biking at night or in low-lit areas. This way, there will be no delay in pressing the brake lever in emergency situations.

4. Regular Cleaning

Always remember to clean your electric bike brake effectively and regularly. This will help to prolong the service life of the brakes.

5. Lubrication

Before riding your electric bike, check the oil level in the bicycle's drive and braking system. In addition to prevent the electric bicycle from locking and slowing down, it can also prevent brake pads from slipping.

6. Brake Fluid

The high pressure of the brake fluid will make sure that your brakes are not locked or separated. Poor brake servicing habits can also cause a problem, so remember to regularly check for leaks in your system before and during use to maintain optimal braking performance!

7. Battery Care

Unbalanced batteries may cause the electric bicycle to stop suddenly, which could easily result in a fall. The use of battery balancing boxes is recommended when charging the battery, as well as monitoring the voltage level to avoid over-charging.

8. Adjusting Tire Pressure

The proper inflation pressure of your guide tires will help to improve traction and stability while using an electric bike, making it easier for you to climb hills and balance while biking.


Electric bike is the primary transportation nowadays, it has a great market share in countries like China, Germany, Ghana..etc. In the near future, it will also have a very significant market share in the United States, India, and United Kingdom. Its development is driven by increasing fuel prices but also consumer demand for better safety and lower carbon dioxide production. Some of the important factors such as consumer safety and environmental concerns are driving the development of electric bike.

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