We all love to take our e-bikes on a nice night ride when the heavy traffic of the day is gone and the streets are just for us. Still, the web is full of videos of unfortunate accidents that happened when riding on the dimly lit street of a city or worse - pitch black. Hence we wanted to take a moment to blog about how you can be properly and safely equipped to enjoy the freedom that owning an e-bike brings.

Tip One: A Proper LED Light

Then - is of course - an E-bike equipped with proper led lighting that can show your way and those surprisingly high curbs which can be dangerous if you don’t see them in time. And while it’s required that you see where you are going you should have a proper backlight on your bike that those other nightriders spot you on time too.

HeyBike LED lighting


Tip 2: Utilize your USB port

If you are lucky and your bike has and USB port remember that it can often be used for other things than just charging your phone. You are free to go crazy and install some extra lights, maybe even some sweet RGB to get extra bling. Just remember not to blind the others with your awesome ride!

HeyBike USB Charger

Tip 3: Check your bike and suspension before your ride

    It’s those curbs, potholes, and curbs that can ruin your ride. If you happen to come face-to-face with one you can come out victorious when you have proper control of your ride. Because of those bumps, your suspension must be up for the task. Make sure you have premium shock absorbers and always take an overall look at your electric bike before taking a ride.


    HeyBike LED and Suspension

    Tip 4: Wear a helmet and other safety gear

    Well, this one goes without saying. It happens to the best of us: Flying through the night sky when the bad luck would have it. It’s a must to be wearing a proper ebike helmet when you are coming for a landing. Don’t forget your other safety gear for the rest of your body either so you can be confident to dust off, pick up your bike, and head for new adventures.

    Tip 5: Drive safe

    Stay alert of your surrounding and don’t go too fast. I know, I know - it is boring but a common reason for accidents is too high situational speed. Even though your gear can alert you of the upcoming situation you might be coming in too fast to make the right maneuvers to stay in control. So don’t go full-on daredevil there.

    There you go. We wish you all safe rides and enjoy the night streets!

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