How to Test Your Electric Bike Battery

The most significant component of any electric bike is a battery. It is crucial to test and maintain your bike battery daily, whether it is made of lithium or lead. Your e-bike will serve you well for many years if you do this. So how is the battery of the e-bike tested?

By checking your battery's voltage, current, and resistance, you may test it. Take a multimeter that will help you take accurate measurements first. Connect it to the power source. Now, pick the action you want to take and start the treatment. You need to charge the battery fully and, if possible, detach it from the bike frame when it is finished. Run the battery diagnostics with your multimeter after removing the battery. Start with the "test load battery" function since most have one.

close up of e-bike battery with key hole

Checking the battery's voltage is the next thing you should do. Check to see if the voltage in the result matches the criteria for your electric bike. Check the current after that so you can determine the battery's capacity. Check its resistance last. The weaker the electricity flow inside your e-bike battery, the higher it is. Compare all the information gathered with what is in the user handbook.

Common Electric Bike Battery Problems and How to Solve it

There are a few potential causes of your battery issues when it comes to e-bike troubleshooting, such as:

Electric Bike Battery Pack Swollen

You probably have a significant issue with one or more of the lithium-ion cells in your e-bike battery pack, if it is swollen. Dropping the lower plate and removing the battery pack is the only way to determine if the battery is bloated. Make sure that before you do this, you must unhook some cords.

Electric Bike Battery Not Charging

Check the following first if your battery is not charging before moving on:

  • Is the outlet supplying power turned on?
  • Does the charger produce above 36 Volts when it is operating?
  • The battery is overheated.
  • Is the port for the battery charger filthy?
  • Has the battery been drained for a long time?
  • Has the charger or the battery pack in the bike blown a fuse?

Electric Bike Battery Not Running For Very Long

Check the following if you discover your e-bike battery is not lasting as long as it once did:

  • The battery pack is it fully charged?
  • Do your disc brakes drag at all?
  • Is the ground hilly?
  • Are you peddling to help your battery?
  • Are the wheel bearings on your e-bike rotating freely?
  • Do the battery, the cables, or the motor have a short circuit?

Any of these conditions could result in a fast battery discharge.

Electric Bike Not Speeding Up

There are many causes for why your electric bike is not moving faster. The proximity switch's feedback magnets, which are positioned on the pedal crank or the rear wheel hub, are typically dusty. You should be fine to go once you have cleaned them with a rag. Frequently, this common e-bike battery issue gets misdiagnosed.

Tips for Electric Bike Battery Maintenance

  • Maintain your service schedule, use the appropriate mode when appropriate, build a safe charging station
  • Avoid complete regular battery discharge
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Maintain a dry battery
  • Maintain a 60% battery charge
  • Steer clear of unusual chargers

FAQs for Electric Bike Battery

Q: Can electric bike batteries be repaired?

The quick response is NO. It is advised not to use your battery if you damage it, such as by dropping it. Although it may appear to be in good condition, there could be interior damage that could cause overheating. Please do not attempt to repair it at home because doing so will void your guarantee and opening a battery can be extremely dangerous.

Q: How much does it cost to replace an e-bike battery?

Depending on the brand of bike, the size, the kind, and the age of the battery, the average cost of an electric bike battery can range from $200 to $500. If they have been used earlier or are in bad shape, you can find them for less money.

Q: What is the lifespan of an electric bike battery?

It heavily depends on how well you take care care of the battery. The battery is designed to last 800-1000 cycles under normal circumstances. You can minimize it depending on how you use and store your battery.


Hopefully, the tips I've outlined above will help you keep your e-bike running fast and for a long time. The battery is the most expensive and most difficult part of an e-bike to replace. Be ready to replace your bike batteries quickly if you choose a low-quality one.

Invest in a high-quality e-bike battery to increase or create your bike's durability. E-bikes are typically pricey. Durability is the major consideration when buying one. I sincerely hope the information helped you replace the battery effectively and affordably.

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