Ebikes are convenient, environmentally friendly, faster, and of course, fun to ride. And one of the most important aspects of e-bikes is their battery that ensures a longer and more convenient ride of your e-bike.

However, you need to give a little care and attention to the electric bike battery to keep it in good condition and ensure it lasts as long as possible. So, if you're looking for some tips for taking care of your e-bike battery, our blog post is just what you need.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to get started with proper maintenance and ensure that your battery is running at peak performance.

Attention on Ebike Battery Charging

Usually, the energy an electric bike’s battery provides makes the bike so powerful and enjoyable to ride. However, the electric bike battery is comparatively more expensive than its other components.

So, if you don't take proper care of your e-bike’s battery, it may be damaged over time and may need to be replaced. And for many, buying new batteries over and over again can be much more expensive.

However, if you are wondering how do I make my e-bike battery last longer, or how do I keep my e-bike battery healthy, this guide is for you. Here, we’ll share some essential tips for taking care of your e-bike battery. So, let’s have a look at the tips.

1. Charging the Battery Regularly

To make your electric bike battery last longer, you should know how to charge the battery properly. So, should you charge your e-bike battery after every ride, or should I leave my eBike plugged in?

Well, if your electric bike’s battery is absolutely new, you should keep it charging for up to 12 hours. This initial long charge will make sure that current flows through all the cells in your bike's battery and helps conditioning the battery right out of the box.

Most electric bikes, whether it's the larger or the electric mini bike,use Lithium-Ion battery. This type of battery lasts much longer than the others, even with regular use and therefore, you should keep them charged regularly. So, here are some other tips:

  • The perfect time to charge your electric bike is just before the ride (approximately 30 minutes ago).
  • Always check the voltage on the LCD before rolling it out.
  • While charging the battery, always keep in mind to connect the ebike charger to the battery first, and then plug it into the wall.
  • The charging environment should be dry, clean, and temperate.
  • Do not keep your e-bike battery in charge in a damp and cluttered area, and of course, if the area is cold. You could also learn more tips about how to maintain your ebike battery during winter here.
  • You should keep the battery on charge when capacity remains between 30 and 60 percent.
  • Don’t forget to check the battery charge after every ride.
  • You should take the battery off from the bike every 1 to 2 months to keep it on charge.

2. Do Not Overcharge The Battery

You should never leave the battery charging for a long time, otherwise, it will get overcharged and ultimately get damaged.

  • Never leave the battery plugged in all the time or more than 24 hours at a time.
  • Set a timer to make sure you don’t forget to unplug the battery.
  • While unplugging, remember to unplug the charger from both the wall and the battery.


3. Importance of Using a Quality Charger

Using a quality charger is crucial for maintaining the health of your ebike battery. Cheap chargers may seem like a good deal, but they can actually harm your battery in the long run. A low-quality charger may overcharge or undercharge your battery, leading to reduced battery life and performance. It's recommended to use a charger that is specifically designed for your ebike battery and has been tested and certified by the manufacturer. This will ensure that your battery is charged safely and efficiently, and will help prolong its lifespan.

4. Don’t Let The Battery Get Drained Completely

Make sure the battery is not discharged completely. If you are going to leave the bike idle for weeks or months, it would be better if you can store the battery inside the house at the right charge level.

  • When leaving the electric bike for a long period, charge the battery fully and then store it at room temperature.
  • Or, while storing, you can keep the charge at 50% at least.
  • Remember, the e-bike battery will discharge over time even if not used. In that case, you should keep checking the battery capacity every few days. If the charge gets lower, keep it for charging again.

Suggestions on Ebike Battery Storage

Proper ebike battery storage is undoubtedly important for maintaining the performance and longevity of your electric bike. Most ebike batteries are lithium batteries, which are sensitive to temperature, water, and some metal objects. If you are storing your ebike during the off-season or for an extended period, remember to take the right precautions to prevent battery degradation to ensure its optimal performance when you're ready to hit the road again

1. Avoid Extreme Temperature

If you want to prolong the battery life of your electric bike, you must know how do you preserve an e-bike battery.

You should always avoid extreme temperature, both while charging the battery and while using. Otherwise, the battery will get damaged. Now, let’s find out what should be the perfect temperature for your e-bike battery.

  • You should keep the battery out of direct sunlight and extreme heat, and always avoid letting your e-bike battery get too hot.
  • Keep the battery in a dry place between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Never leave the e-bike battery in your car, even at the ambient temperature being 60°.
  • Don’t park the bike outside overnight, or you can take the battery inside the house or keep it at room temperature to minimize the impact of temperature on the range.

    2. Keep The Bike Battery Away From Water And Metal Objects

    Generally, electric bikes are really travel-friendly and an ideal travel companion. Still, you need to remember to keep the battery away from water or any other metal objects to protect it from getting damaged.

    • Don't store it with metal objects, like keys or coins.
    • While transporting on a rack or truck, make sure to remove your battery from the frame using the key.
    • Never keep it charged near to water to avoid corrosion and short circuit.

    Battery Safety Certification

    A good quality battery means a lot for your safety. It is recommended to choose batteries certified by the UL 2849 standard. UL 2849 certification is a recognized industry standard that verifies the quality and safety of ebike batteries, assuring you that the ebikes meet the highest safety standards. Heybike prioritizes riders' safety and their ebike batteries are rigorously tested and certified to meet the UL 2849 safety standard, providing peace of mind for its users.


    In order to get the most out of your electric bike battery for a longer period, you need to keep it clean and well maintained. You should always make sure that the battery is properly charged and maintained so that you never face trouble while riding.

    However, to keep your e-bike’s battery healthy, we recommend that you regularly check its condition and make sure to consider all the tips for taking care of your e-bike battery that we have shared in this guide. These steps will help definitely ensure that your e-bike battery stays in top shape for a long time!

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