Do you have an e-bike? What would you do if your e-bike won't turn on? Your e-bike may run smoothly without any issues only when all components are in good condition. However, you will have to understand the 5 common reasons why such embarrassing moment happens.

electric bike front light won' t turn on

1. The battery power is low

Most importantly, you will have to check your ebike's battery condition. Some common errors in your bike's battery could be the main reason why your bike won't turn on. Check if the battery is fully charged or not. Also, check if it works perfectly to run your bike. A low-powered battery does not run properly and hence your Ebike won't turn on.

Many Ebike riders have a terrible habit of charging their batteries in extreme heat or cold. As a result, the battery is not fully charged. Inadequate charging will prevent your Ebike from turning on.

Aside from insufficient charging issues, excessive charging of your battery does not yield good results.

2.Spoke magnet aren't aligning with the sensor

Check if your spoke magnet and bottom rail's sensor are in alignment or not when the wheel of the Ebike rotates. If any issues with the alignment, then the digital display of your Ebike may not work properly, and it may show zero mph during cycling.

The spoke magnet should be in alignment with the sensor on your bottom rail when your bike wheel rotates.

The positions of your spoke magnet on your wheel must be the correct distance from that sensor in order for it to display on your E-bike computer. If there are any alignment concerns, your Ebike's digital display may not function properly and indicate 0 mph when pedaling.

In the above issues, you must realign the sensor to the magnet. Also, ensure that the magnet is clean and free of dirt or mud for the smooth operation of your e-bike. Before you realign, check the distance between the magnet and sensor as per the guidelines given in your e-bike manual.

3. Electric braking system is not releasing

Your bike's free movement is restricted by sticking break handgrips that prevent wheels to run sometimes. This occurs if your bike has a digital brake system. Also, the bike's brake remains closed due to low battery power. Tight cable brake also restricts free wheel movement many times.

4. There is water in the battery or moto

Several individuals commit the error of tipping their E-bike upside down to just get beneath and even into all the difficult-to-access spots.

Upside-down washing may allow water to enter the battery components of the e-bike. This issue may not allow your e-bike to operate smoothly.

As a result, cleaning your bike upside down with plenty of water necessitates leaving it outside to dry, and if you don't, water settles in the battery. As a result, you may also use a hand towel to dry out the water that has accumulated in your e-bike's components. This procedure may resolve the problem with starting your bike.

5. Motor Connection Issues

Motor connection issues can be one of the common reasons why an electric bike fails to turn on. These issues usually involve problems with the electrical connections between the motor and the battery or controller. It is suggested to check the connectors and controller. Inspect the connectors between the motor, battery, and controller, and ensure that they are securely connected and free from any dirt, corrosion, or damage. If you find any issues, clean the connectors and reattach them firmly. It is also necessary to examine the wiring. Carefully inspect the wiring harness for any frayed, loose, or damaged wires, and repair or replace them if necessary. Make sure all the connections are properly insulated to prevent short circuits. If you're unable to identify or fix the motor connection issues by yourself, it is better to seek professional help to avoid any potential hazards or further damages to your e-bike.

6. Error codes appearing on the ebike display

An error code on your e-bike display monitor during a long ride is frustrating. Do you find the error multiple times when you ride? If so, then your e-bike motor or display unit has issues. Your battery pack has issues if you closely check if you find the error code.

You can resolve the problem by turning off and on your e-bike. A restart may be sufficient to have your e-bike working without a problem once more. You may also go through a bike manual to figure out what is wrong with your bike if the restart process does not work.


The above reasons help you understand why an electric bike won't turn on. Follow the error-fixing steps mentioned above to ensure the smooth running of your ebike.

If you find it difficult to resolve the issues stated above, you can seek the assistance of an ebike's specialist. If a severe problem with your e-bike is discovered, it is best to visit a nearby repair shop right away.

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