A Journey of Two Exciting Years

2 Year & Beyond

In June, we're celebrating a significant milestone at Heybike - our second anniversary. These two years have been a journey of innovation, inspiration, and immense joy. Our community of riders have been pivotal, turning our brand slogan, "Your Life, Heybike" into an exhilarating reality for all our riders, regardless of age and background.

The vision of co-founders Jason Fang and William Li set the foundation of Heybike, igniting a revolution in the daily commute. From that spark, Heybike has transformed into a brand symbolizing freedom, adventure, and a new lease on life for many of our riders.

Young Riders, Big Dreams

Our community is diverse, and their stories inspire us every day. From helping teenagers find a newfound passion, to assisting recovery after surgeries, Heybike e-bikes have turned ordinary days into extraordinary journeys.

One such story comes from Ryder, a 14-year-old boy who found a new way to bond with his mom, Christy, through shared e-bike adventures. From opening his first bank account to enjoying ice cream rides, the Heybike experience has made the tumultuous teenage years a journey to remember for Ryder.

Then there’s Sandra and Don, full-time RV travelers. After Sandra's knee replacement surgery, they found their Heybike Ranger not just beneficial for her therapy, but an excellent tool for exploring places where a car can't venture.

Similarly, 57-year-old Clifford Woolfork, a stroke survivor from Ohio, leveraged the Heybike Ranger as a rehabilitation training tool. The low step-over height, sturdy luggage rack, and foldability of the Ranger became his faithful companions during recovery, helping him regain mobility.

For 46-year-old Janko Mandakovic and his wife, Heybike ushered in a new lifestyle. The couple rediscovered their love for biking after 20 years, creating new experiences together. From daily errands to beach trips, their Heybike Ranger and Explore have become their trusty companions.

Elizabeth and David, both in their mid-50s, found Heybike to be a solution for their health concerns. Their Heybike Ranger and Brawn became their tools for weight loss and dealing with arthritis, transforming their lifestyle and inviting more of their family to join the Heybike community.

Our Grand Two-Part Anniversary Celebration

To mark these milestones and celebrate our collective impact, we've organized an exciting two-part anniversary event this June. This event is packed with fantastic offers, memorable moments, and a grand celebration of our growing community.

Part 1: Warm-Up Event, June 8-11

The celebration kicks off with our Warm-up Event from June 8-11, where you can get up to 10% off to order gift cards.This period is all about giving you more for less! For instance, spend $450, receive a gift card worth $500. Spend $880, receive a gift card worth $1000, or spend $1350, receive a gift card worth $1500! These gift cards can be used to order e-bikes, accessories, or anything else that you fancy from our catalogue.

Part 2: Online Event, June 12-18

The party continues with our Online Event from June 12-18. For this grand online celebration, the first 450 e-bike buyers will receive an exclusive Heybike gift box. This box is thoughtfully curated, packed with a helmet and customized accessories like a keychain featuring our logo. But that's not all! You'll also get an additional $50 off on Amazon.com for any e-bikes also available on our website.

Join Our Online Celebration

Throughout the event, we'll share heartwarming stories from our Heybike community, tips and tricks for optimizing your e-bike experience and give you a sneak peek into the future of Heybike. Get involved by following and joining our Facebook group, Instagram and Twitter, using our campaign hashtag, #Heybike2life, to share your own Heybike stories and experiences for a chance to win a memorable prize worth $ 640 from Heybike. Or you can simply give us your blessing by joining our photo contest campaign! More details in: https://www.heybike.com/pages/photo-contest.

Thank You for Being a Part of Heybike's Story

Our second anniversary is not just a celebration of our journey and achievements, but also a heartfelt tribute to you, our cherished community. We are thrilled and humbled by the role Heybike has played in your lives and are eager to continue on this sustainable and transformative journey with you.

Happy 2nd Anniversary to our Heybike Family! Here's to many more years of shared journeys, innovative e-bikes, and life-transforming experiences.

Join us as we ride into our future together, a future made brighter with every pedal forward.

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