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Submit your Heybike experience photos to be entered to win that e-bike gift! After photo submission, vote for the top 10. The 1st place winner will take home a FREE ebike. And the 2rd-10th place winners will get Heybike anniversary gift packages.

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The Heybike Experience

April 2024

Erin Brill

" I'm in absolute love with my Horizon. Pushing 250 miles on her now & spring has only just begun!! "

May 2024

Lindsay Bourgeois

"I first joined the e-bike clan with a HeyBike Cityscape, I racked up over 2k miles commuting with her to work daily! Then I decided I wanted to take my adventures off road and tried a few different bikes (aventon, super 73) but was not happy with any of them until I got my HeyBike Explore! It has been my beach day hauler, my Christmas sleigh, and my daily joyrider. I highly recommend HeyBike brand for comfort, quality, and fun!! "

April 2024

Lori Wright

" Scenic view of San Diego from the Silver Strand bikeway, a beautiful twenty-mile round-trip to Coronado. "

May 2024

Rachel Nicole Brooks

" Night rides are the best "

April 2024

Sheldon Snow

" 1400 miles and still rolling! "

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