E-bikes have taken the transportation world by storm, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cars while also providing the health benefits of cycling. Among them, the Horizon and the Ranger S, the Heybike electric fat tire bikes stand out for their unique features and best performance.

Unveiling Horizon Full Suspension Folding Fat Tire Ebike

a man and girl is riding Horizon ebike on the beach

Horizon, a 750W all-terrain e-bike, combines outstanding adaptation to off-road advanture with the ability to provide a comfortable riding experience. Horizon could meet your intentions and make optimal cycling adjustments, whether you pursue speed or endurance, thanks to the motor that runs quietly with every move of the rider and the Shimano 7-Speed gearing system that provides smooth shifting.

Unique Design Elements and Capabilities of the Heybike Horizon

With its brilliant gradient from orange to yellow, suggestive of a sunset, the Horizon's design is a visual pleasure. Its attractive appearance is a statement piece that displays the rider's personality and flair.

Horizon, a Heybike full suspension model, is a cut above the competition thanks to its horst-link and hydraulic front suspension.It reduces the influence of braking forces (known as anti-rise) while also boosting sensitivity to little bumps. The combination of the 24"x 4" big tires keeps you in control and comfortable on rough terrains.

Explore Ranger S Folding Fat Tire Ebike

A man and a girl are riding a Ranger S fat tire e-bike on the beach

Ranger S features fat tires that can handle everything the trail throws at you. With adjustable handlebars and three degrees of pedal assist, this class 2/3, step-thru frame, and folding bike lets you customize your ride and make conquering hills a snap!

Ranger S folding e-bike is not only popular among city commuters but also best for persons with limited living space, such as those in a studio apartment or shared house. You can easily go on an RV trip or canal boat ride with Ranger S.

Highlighting Comparing

Specs Horizon Ranger S
Range PAS 55miles PAS 55miles
Speed 28mph max speed(unlocked) 28mph max speed(unlocked)
Gears Shimano 7 Shimano 7
Pedal Assist Mode 0-5 0-5
Throttle Thumb throttle Thumb throttle
Battery Capacity 48V/14.4Ah(692Wh) 48V/14.4Ah(692Wh)
Charger 54.6V/4A(3-4hours charging time) 100V-220V AC input 48V/4A (3-4hours charging time) 100V-220V AC input
Motor 750W brushless motor(Peak 1400w) 750W brushless motor(Peak 1400w)
Tire 24" x 4" 20" x 4"
Suspension System Horst-link suspension N/A
Fork Travel 80mm 80mm
Fork Hydraulic front fork Suspension
Brake Hydraulic disc brake Hydraulic disc brake
Display Bluetooth+LCD Bluetooth+LCD
Motor Torque 80 N.M 80 N.M
Headlight Auto-on + turn signal light Auto-on
Tail Light Brake light+turn signal light Brake light+turn signal light
Total Payload Capacity 330 lbs (150kg) 400 lbs (181kg)
Weight 79.3lbs(36kg) 72lbs(32.6)
Suggested Rider Height 5'5" to 6'3"(165cm~190cm) 4'11" to 6'3"(150cm~190cm)
Color Sunset-colored limited Edition 4 colors
Price $1699 $1299

Let us get ready for an exciting battle between the Heybike Horizon and the Heybike Ranger S. As we evaluate these two excellent e-bikes and focus on the features that are most important to users.

Performance and Power

In terms of power, neither the Horizon nor the Ranger S are weaklings. They share the same 750W brushless gear motor, which ensures a thrilling ride with the same battery capacity.

Both have throttle and pedal assist modes. Their frame-integrated and replaceable 48 V 14.4 Ah battery has a capacity of 692 Wh, which Heybike claims is enough for up to 55mi (88 km) of range on pedal assist. The Ranger S has a 48V/4A charger, while the Horizon has a 54.6V/4A, 100V-220V AC input charger to charge the battery faster with a recharge time of 3-4 hours. The Horizon might be the perfect partner if you are planning long-distance travel.

Design and Construction

Both models exhibit Heybike's legendary durability. The Horizon and Ranger S feature an updated 6061 aluminum frame for enhanced strength. Both frames are designed to withstand various terrains as well as the rigors of daily use.

Both e-bikes have Shimano 7-speed gear shift systems, which add variety to your riding experience. The Hydraulic Brakes outperform them in terms of stopping power. It is a significant benefit, especially when you need a safe ride.

Tires and Suspension

Comfort is essential, especially for individuals who ride their bikes daily or for extended periods. The 20”x 4” tires on the Heybike Ranger S serve two functions. They are not just for rough terrain; but also natural shock absorbers, cushioning riders against the bumps and jolts of city streets. Yet the 24" x 4" fat tires on the Horizon give stability and traction, making it best for off-road adventures. So, if you enjoy hitting the trails or exploring rough terrain on the weekends, the Horizon is up to the task.

Meanwhile, the Horizon stands out for its strongest Horst-link suspension, it is the first version of Horst-link suspension in Heybike. The Horizon has an alloy front suspension fork with lockout and adjustability, which allows you to fine-tune your ride. The Ranger S has a front suspension arrangement, which ensures a smooth and pleasant ride even on rough roads.

Choosing the Perfect E-Bike for Your Needs

Riding Style and Terrain

If you want a versatile e-bike, go no further than the Heybike Horizon. Its 750W motor and 48V/14.4Ah(692Wh) battery provide a robust and smooth ride, making it suitable for many riding styles. The Horizon provides speed and comfort if you are an adventurous rider.


Budget concerns are necessary while selecting your ideal Heybike e-bike. Even though both the Horizon and the Ranger S offer outstanding value for money. It is critical to assess how your budget and objectives align.

The Ranger S is less expensive than the Horizon, making it the best choice for those on a tight budget. The RangerS is a terrific choice to get into e-biking on a budget without losing performance.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more features like high suspension and safety features, the Horizon might be worth the extra money. Weighing short-term costs against long-term rewards can help you make an informed financial decision.

Make a Well-Informed Choice

To summarize, the Heybike Horizon and Heybike Ranger S both have distinct advantages. The Ranger S is a versatile all-rounder that excels in various terrains thanks to its low cost and robust performance. Horizon has an improved auto-on and turn signal light system, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for adventures and top-tier safety.

Remember to prioritize your needs and preferences as you go on your trip to select one of these incredible e-bikes. Consider your budget, riding style, and the terrain you will be riding on the most. Consider whether you place a higher importance on extended battery life or greater braking capabilities. By placing your needs first, you will make a decision that corresponds with your e-bike ambitions.


We cannot overstate the Heybike Horizon and Heybike Ranger S's remarkable adaptability and quality. The thrill of new adventures awaits you now with your chosen Heybike e-bike at your side. Prepare to embark on thrilling travels and enter the thrilling world of eco-friendly, high-performance riding!

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