Long-range electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are a fun and eco-friendly way to travel long distances and enjoy the great outdoors.

Yet, despite the benefits of owning and operating an e-bike, there are many factors to consider when choosing one, including the power and distance of the engine and the weight capacity of the bike frame. Other factors to consider include the tire width and thickness, transmission, and level of maintenance required to keep the bike in optimal condition.

In this article, we’ll discuss what an e-bike is, the difference between dirt bikes and electric fat tire bikes, and what to look for in a long-range electric bike.

A man wearing a helmet is riding a Brawn long-range e-bike on a hill

What is a Long-Range Electric Bike?

A long-range e-bike is a type of battery-powered bike that is designed to be ridden long distances across different terrain. They typically consist of a motor, battery, transmission system, brakes, frame (body), and tires.

Different e-bikes have different motors and batteries, which determine how fast the e-bike can go and for how long it can travel before requiring a recharge. Long-range e-bikes can include road tires designed for flat terrain, such as asphalt and concrete, or dirt tires designed to tackle tougher terrain, including dirt, gravel, and mud.

Additionally, e-bikes operate on a conventional pedal system, enabling the rider to use the manual pedals and throttle to accelerate; it also means they can continue to operate the bike, even when the electric motor runs out of power.

What is the Difference Between Dirt Bikes and Electric Fat Tire Bikes?

While both traditional dirt bikes and electric fat tire bikes have wide tires – ranging from 3.5 to 5 inches in width – designed for off-road use, the difference lies in the type of engine they have and how people ride them.

Traditional dirt bikes are typically powered by a petrol motor, which requires regular refueling to operate, while electric fat tire bikes are powered by an electric motor that can be recharged at an electric charging station.

Another key difference between the two is what happens when you run out of power. With a traditional dirt bike, once you run out of fuel, you can no longer operate the bike. But, with an electric fat tire bike, you can continue to ride it manually by operating the pedals with your feet. This versatility makes electric fat tire bikes an appealing option for long-distance, off-road excursions, as you are not restricted by the range of the electric motor.

What to Look for in a Long-Range Electric Bike

There are many factors to consider when choosing a long-range electric bicycle, with the most important being the motor, battery capacity, and tires. These details can vary considerably between different makes and models, so it’s important to do your research and compare your options before you purchase.

At Heybike, we offer an exceptional range of long-distance electric bikes to suit your specific needs. Whether you want to ride exclusively on the road, off the beaten path, or a combination of both, we guarantee you will find the perfect e-bike at our online store. Our electric bikes come in a range of performance and terrain capabilities, enabling you to choose an e-bike that both meets your needs and suits your budget.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the key characteristics to consider when shopping for a long-range electric bike.

Motor Performance

Brawn ebike motor

Most electric bike motors have an average performance range of 250 to 750W, with larger and more expensive models having a 1000W motor. It is worth noting that e-bikes with larger motors may have a reduced travel range, as they are heavier and require more power to operate; thus impacting how far the electric battery will last.

At Heybike, our long-distance electric bikes operate on brushless motors, which offer the combined benefits of quiet operation and reduced heat production, along with increased efficiency and a longer motor lifespan. The result? A smoother, quieter, and more comfortable ride, along with lower maintenance requirements (meaning less time spent in the repair shop).

Battery Capacity

Ranger ebike come with 720Wh battery capacity

The capacity of your electric battery determines how far your long-range e-bike will travel before it requires a recharge. Most e-bikes operate on a 48V (Volts) battery, with an average capacity of 14.4Ah (Amp-Hours) (692Wh, or Watt-Hours) to 18Ah (864Wh). Generally speaking, the higher the capacity range, the longer the charging time, which can range from 4-5 hours to 5-6 hours.

Of course, many factors determine the range of your e-bike. These include the terrain, slope, riding style (the more throttle you apply, the faster the battery will drain), and weight capacity.

Take the Brawn e-bike from Heybike, which has a 750W brushless motor and 48V/18Ah (864Wh) electric battery. Based on these specifications, the Brawn has a maximum travel range of 65 miles. You can also calculate the average length of time the battery will last, by dividing the Wh by the total power output:

864/750 = 1.15 hours (1 hour, 15 minutes)

Additionally, you can calculate how many miles the electric battery will last, based on the average speed at which you will travel. If you were to travel at 18 mph for the majority of the trip, then your calculation would look like this:

1.15*18 = 20.7 miles

If you would like to know more about the performance and battery capacity of our long-range electric bikes, feel free to contact the friendly team at Heybike. Our experts will be happy to recommend an e-book that offers superior performance and comfort along with an excellent travel range.


The tires on your e-bike will determine the type of terrain you can ride on. Generally speaking, fat tire bikes are ideal for off-road use, as the texture of the tires can catch dirt, grime, and other debris, providing superior traction and slip resistance. The average width of fat tires can range from 3.5 to 5 inches. Most fat tire bikes also have dual suspension systems, which help cushion the blow of riding on bumpy and rocky terrain, protecting the rider from injury and the bike frame from damage.

Meanwhile, commuter e-bikes are best suited for flat terrain, including asphalt and cement. These tires also help you travel faster on flat terrain, however, they are not suitable for off-road use, as the lack of grip support can increase the risk of slipping and damaging the tires. That being said, though, you can still use off-road tires on road surfaces, although your acceleration and top speed won’t be as high as road tires.

Folding electric bikes typically come in fat tire models, as they’re designed to be neatly stored in vehicles and used to ride in long-distance off-road excursions.

Why Choose Heybike for Long-Range Electric Bikes

With a passion for transformative outdoor experiences and providing high-quality products, Heybike is committed to elevating your cycling journey with safe, smooth, reliable, and high-performing electric bikes that excite your senses. Our e-bikes come in a range of design and performance configurations, enabling you to choose a product that helps you get where you want to be – anytime, anywhere – while still being kind to your budget.

Furthermore, our e-bikes are made from premium quality materials, including long-lasting brushless motors, weather-resistant electric batteries, and sophisticated gearing systems to help you tackle the steepest hills and the toughest terrain. Whether your priority is to ride for leisure, for business, or for adventure, the Heybike range of e-bikes will take you further than ever before.

Here are just a few reasons to choose Heybike for your next e-bike:

Ride Further, Explore More

Our high-capacity 48V electric batteries are designed to provide hours of smooth riding performance, with an average recharging time of 4-6 hours and the ability to add external removable lithium-ion batteries for increased distance.

Superior Performance

Our 1400W peak brushless motors provide around 80Nm of torque, allowing for quick starts on almost any terrain or incline, and a maximum top speed of 28 mph.

Fat Tire Confidence, Own Any Terrain

Choose between a slim tire for on-road performance or a fat tire for versatile off-road use in any terrain. Our 3.5-to-5-inch fat tires feature intricate tread patterns and robust construction, providing superior stability, grip performance, and slip resistance in the toughest terrain. Say goodbye to skidding and slipping!

Safety and Support

With essential safety features such as LED headlights and taillights, an alloy kickstand, tire puncture protection, and mechanical or hydraulic (front and back) disc brakes, our long-range e-bikes are designed to keep you safe night and day and in any weather conditions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you purchase an e-bike from Heybike, your satisfaction is guaranteed with an official Heybike warranty. You also gain exclusive access to our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team, who will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have. To activate your warranty, simply fill out your bike registration form.

Take your outdoor cycling adventures to the next level with a long-range electric bike from Heybike! Explore our full range of fat tire and commuter electric bikes, so you can find the perfect model to meet your needs. And if you need help with selecting your next e-bike, refer to our help centre and we will be happy to assist you.

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