Benefits of Full Suspension Fat Tire E-Bikes

If you get a fat tire electric bike, you can use it for city commuting and off-road travel. You can pump up the tires such that only the center of the tire is receiving traction if you drive it on paved roads. It will prevent you from being slowed down by the fat tires and slipping on slick surfaces.

Then, you can drop the pressure so the tires flatten out a little more, giving you more traction and a safer, more stable ride if you wish to go off-road or ride on slick or loose terrain. Because traditional tires are so much smaller, you cannot accomplish that.

A further benefit is that the fat tires, which can help offer a smoother riding experience if your ebike lacks suspension, can help by absorbing more road bumps. Although there is no substitute for proper bike suspension, if you choose a rigid frame, big tires can help.

full suspension electric fat bike

Bike riding in the snow has always been dangerous. You will either wash out or slide on an icy patch at any moment. Fatter tires provide a safer ride and lessen the possibility of a severe fall, but you cannot eliminate the risk. Similar reasoning applies to any loose soil or sand. A safer ride results from better traction.

The typical width of fat tires is between 4 and 5 inches. You can see how large tires on an ebike can only be a plus for safety and fun compared to a standard road tire, which is only approximately 2 inches wide.

Who is Suitable for a Full Suspension Fat Tire E-bike?

  • Riders to use the bike for longer journeys or commuting.
  • Bikers to negotiate hills and challenging terrain.
  • Riders seek to escape the hectic pace of the city and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.
  • Fat tire electric bikes are a game-changer for riders who live in locations with hills and mountains.
  • Electric bikes with fat tires are a terrific training alternative for fitness enthusiasts.
  • Full suspension fat tire e-bikes are suitable for riders who engage in commuter riding, off-road riding, and exploration.

The Most Important Features to Consider when Buying Full Suspension Fat Tire Bikes


Consider your body weight, the weight of your bike, and the weight of your load. Next, consider the topography. Are you going to be riding off-road, maneuvering through slick terrain, or scaling mountains? Get the motor that will suit your demands and has the necessary power. Depending on local regulations, bike motors can be between 250 and 750 watts.


Match the power and capacity of your battery to the requirements of your motor and riding style. Systems with 36-volt batteries are typical, although 48-volt batteries are beneficial and increase power production. Consider the overall weight, the terrain, and the distance when sizing batteries. Even if it takes purchasing an additional battery, you want enough power to travel there and back. If you do not have juice and pedal back alone, it is not pleasing because fat bikes are heavier the tires create more drag. Pack a charger if you encounter a diversion or decide to bike further.


Smaller wheels are more maneuverable, and wide wheels ride more comfortably. The extra-wide tires provide additional height to the wheel, and full-sized electric fat bikes have 26′′ wheels. On foldable fat bikes, you might see 20-inch wheels with fat tires. Choose tire dimensions and tread depth based on the terrain. Reduce tire pressure when riding on sand use knobby tires for climbs, smaller knobs, or a checkerboard for cross-country. Smoother tires could be a better option for city driving because they are less noisy and resistive.


It is crucial because fat ebike wheels, tires, and frames weigh more and are larger. Consider carrying luggage, off-roading, or climbing mountains. Search for a full-suspension bike or one with a suspension fork and Seatpost.

A Brief Introduction to Heybike Tyson

Although one-piece magnesium alloy bike frames aren't exactly novel, it is uncommon to see a folding e-bike with complete suspension constructed on one. The Heybike Tyson folding electric bike was created to show that Heybike was still pursuing its dream.

The 20′′ x 4′′ Kenda tires on the Heybike Tyson are renowned for their outstanding stability and traction in a variety of conditions. The ride is more comfortable and less taxing because of the additional cushioning and shock absorption by large tires. A safer and more stable ride in various conditions is made possible by the increased contact area with the ground and improved traction. They are well suited for beach riding.

Front and rear suspension are both present on the Heybike Tyson. On bumpy terrain, a front suspension fork will help a comfortable and smooth ride. While the rear suspension will dampen shocks and vibrations, delivering a more comfortable and enjoyable ride even over rough terrain and decreasing rider fatigue.

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