Grease is a semi-solid lubricant formed of emulsified soap combined with mineral or vegetable oil. Grease, however, has a high viscosity. It forms a barrier against the water when applied on a flat surface. In other words, bike grease is sticky because it is repelled to water. When the fabric is washed in a machine, they stick to the fibers. That indicates that you will need something other than water to remove bike grease. You may still face a difficult issue getting the bike grease out even with standard laundry cycles.

You can use dish soap, baking soda, and other risk-free solutions to remove bike grease from most fabrics, as it is soluble in organic solvents like degreasers and acids. How to get bike grease out of clothes? After learning about the many techniques for cleaning bike grease, let us look at some that have worked for me.

Get Bike Grease Out Of Clothes With Baking Soda

Apply Baking soda to the stain. Talcum powder would also work. These powders suck grease and oil out of the material without harming the fibers, making them an excellent solution for delicate garments when trying to remove bike grease stains. Overnight, let the powder sit. It ought to have absorbed most of the bike grease by the time you brushed it off the next day.

Follow the washing instructions on the label on your apparel. Try hand washing or using the delicates cycle with a mild detergent like Persil Silk & Wool for delicate fibers (read the pack for dosage instructions). Consult a seasoned dry cleaner if you are unsure if this procedure will work for your item because it might need specific handling.

Get Bike Grease Out Of Clothes With Biological Detergent

Use biological detergent to treat the stain beforehand. When a stain appears, use a small amount of detergent (or work it in with a soft, old toothbrush) and let sit for a few minutes. For more information, consult the pack.

Wash as usual after rinsing with cool water. According to the care label's directions, you can wash the item by hand or in your washing machine. For sensitive materials like wool, silk, and others, avoid this method. If in doubt, always check the label first.

Get Bike Grease Out Of Clothes With Dishwashing Liquid

Gently work some dishwashing liquid into the discoloration. Because dishwashing detergent is made to cut through grease and fat on dirty dishes, it works wonders on garments to eliminate bike grease. You can use an old toothbrush and a paste made of dishwashing soap and baking soda to clean grease stains gently.

Clean the stain thoroughly with cool water. To remove as much bike grease from the fabric as possible, let water drip from the back of the grease stains. As usual, wash the item by following the directions on the label. If possible, hang it outside to dry. If any stains are still visible, working with them will be much simpler if you have not applied the heat of an iron or tumble dryer.

Get Bike Grease Out Of Clothes With Shampoo Or Bar Soap

Shampoo or bar soap works well as a stain remover instead of liquid dish soap. While they often act more mildly on grease than dish soap, Shampoo can loosen and remove the bike oil on your clothes much as it does with the bike grease that accumulates in your hair.

Avoid using shampoos or bar soaps that have a lot of perfumes and colors. These substances could be damaging to your clothing. A fabric that has too many colors may gradually become stained. The best option for you is clear shampoo.

Apply a small amount to the surface of stains and rub. Use your fingers to scrub more softly or a toothbrush to gently scrub. After rinsing the shampoo from the garments, wash them as usual.

Keep Your Chain Clean To Avoid Bike Grease On Your Clothes

Maintaining a clean bike chain is one of the best methods to avoid having to remove bike grease from your clothing. After cleaning the chain with a high-quality cleanser, properly lube it. Additionally, remove any dust and debris so that when biking, your clothes stay clean.

If you have found this post, it is probably too late to avoid getting bike grease on your clothes right now, but do anything to prevent it from happening again!


Although riding a bike is a lot of fun, you might occasionally have to deal with bike grease. I hope you will be able to swiftly remove a stain using one of the suggestions provided here. Enjoy riding your bike and keep your chain clean!

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