For your electric bike, the chain and the drivetrain are the dirtiest parts. A dirty chain will not only shorten the lifespan of the e-bike but also will cause lots of troubles, such as degrading the working performance, increasing the rate of chain wear, damaging the flexibility of chain links. Honestly, cleaning and lubricating the chain sounds like a boring chore. But frequently doing this work is a necessary and important thing because the chain is an indispensable part of the transmission system, and if the chain is in good condition, it will improve your riding experience. So please spend some time taking care of your electric bike.

Some riders may wonder how often should we clean the e-bike. The answer depends on the frequency of using the bike and the type of terrain on which you ride. For example, if you only ride the bike on the weekend, you can wash it once a month. If you ride your e-bike every day, at least you should clean it once a week. If you can clean the electric bike every time after riding it, it will be the best. Also, when you ride your bike in some terrible environment, like a rainy day or muddy terrain, or wet road, you have better clean it more frequently since it can cause the chain to rust. What's more, if you hear a noisy chain sound or feel chain blockage or chain stretch, you must clean your chain immediately and have a thorough check of your bike. When you find the chain is in poor condition, it is time for you to change to a new chain.

For the items needed for cleaning and lubricating the bike chain, here are some things you should prepare: a bucket of water or a hose, a bottle of bike degreaser, a piece of rag, a bottle of chain lubrication, waterproofing film, and a proper place where you have enough space.

Before cleaning your e-bike, here are several things you should do first. Firstly, check the user manual of your electric bike to find out the IP XX rate. IP is an acronym of Ingress Protection. It measures the protection that an item will have against solid objects and liquids. The first X means the protection against solid objects and the second X refers to the protection against liquids. A higher number equals better protection against solids and liquids. If you find the second X of your IP rate is below 4, such as IP X4, please do not use a hose for the high water pressure will damage your bike. Secondly, it will be wise for you to remove the battery. Almost all e-bike can resist terrible weather, but removing the battery is just on the safe side to avoid problems such as a short circuit. Thirdly, if there is a display in your battery, please use waterproof film to cover it.

The waterproof rating of the Heybike electric bike is Ip×4, and it can be ridden on light raining days.But it is not recommended to ride on heavy rain days or wash with a water gun, which will damage the dashboard and battery.
Still, we do not recommend riding in rainy conditions, because this may cause damage to some parts, even if our bike has waterproof cables and other waterproof equipment.Even if the battery is removed, there are many electronic devices, such as wires, ebike motors, etc., which may be damaged in rainy weather.

Regarding the process of cleaning and lubricating the chain, first, use a wet rag to remove the dirt. You can not put the lubricating oil before cleaning the chain since it will make your chain dirtier. When you clean the chain, you must avoid getting wet on some sensitive parts of your bike, like the hub bearing which is located on the center of the wheel, the bottom bracket where the pedals connect, the brake pads, the discs, and so on. Just using a dry rag to wipe these parts is ok.

Second, drip the degreaser over the chain. While you drip it, you should use your other hand to slowly rotate the pedals backward. And you should not apply the degreaser on the brake calipers or pads because the degreaser will contaminate these parts and limit their functionality.

Third, use clean water to rinse off the residual degreaser and use another clean rag to wipe the chain for quicker drying.

Forth, after the chain is dry, it is time for you to apply lubricant. You should turn the pedal in the opposite direction and apply the lubricant slowly on each chain. Pay attention to adding lubes on the chain to avoid spreading too much.

Sometimes you may hear lube which is also called lubricant. Concerning chain lubricants, there are two kinds: dry lubes and wet lubes. A dry lubricant is recommended to use in dry weather while a wet lubricant is suitable for a moisture environment. Also, please do not apply other kinds of lubes on your electric bike, like a motorbike or car lubricants. These lubes will accumulate lots of dirt on the e-bike chain and make it work terribly. Moreover, you don't have to lubricate the chain every time when you clean your e-bike. Finally, use a rag to wipe off excess lubricants as the extra oil will accumulate dirt and dust.

Here are several steps and tips for cleaning and lubricating the chain of electric bikes. Some users might think it is too complicated, but it is important for promoting a safe riding experience. Also, frequently washing and lubricating your bike can prolong the service life of your e-bike. Want to find out more information, please visit

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