It’s a common misconception that fat bikes - be it a regular or an e-bike - are just for snow. I say that they work pretty much on all terrains that you throw at them. Besides what is sand anyways if not just snow‘s hotter cousin. So hear me out and you can make your sandy adventure easier.

1. Check the weather and tides

Before you head on out take a moment and find out how the tides come and go at the beach you are heading to so you don’t get stranded with no way back to the solid ground. Tides can happen fast and you don’t want to be riding on water.

2. Pack up a pump

You will be riding on different terrains coming and going so be sure to not forget to bring a bike pump with you since you need to be trying different pressured for different terrains.

3. Lower your tire pressure on the sand

Now, this is something that takes some testing. If you are riding on super loose sand you might want to bring your tire PSI even under 10. By the shoreline where the sand is wetter, you would be looking at something from around 10 to 20 PSI. It’s better to start high, try and then release pressure if needed. Don’t go too low though, the softer the tires more wobbly the ride becomes. When you feel comfortable handling and riding the e-bike you should be flying nicely on the sand. Learn more about PSI for bike tire here.

4. Keep your eyes on the road

Beaches and beautiful views are lovely to look at but you don't want to suddenly switch sand types or hit a rock poking from the sand.

5. Pay attention to switching sand types

When you eventually go from wet to loose sand lower your speed and get ready. Hitting dry and loose sand suddenly will make you lose speed and traction. One tip is that if your front wheel starts to move left or right because it hasn’t got much traction, try to just steer into the direction where you want to go while releasing power from the back wheel - this should help you to continue riding without needing to stop.

6. Don’t forget your protective gear

While riding on sand is pretty safe you probably come up with some rockier areas that can be fun to try out with your e-bike.

7. Bring the pressure back up when returning to solid ground

Time to head back home so pump up your tires before riding on solid ground. Riding with low pressure is good on loose terrains but when you come back to solid ground you need to bring your pressure back up to have more control, save energy and have a more comfortable ride in general.

8. Wash your e-bike afterward

E-bike Swashbucklers can love their Sea wind and Salty air but your bike doesn’t. Give it a good wash and rinse even though you didn’t get it wet since even the air at the beach can be salty. Plus you want to keep your loved e-bike clean from sand dust too.

9. Oil your chain

As always after a trip and wash check if your chain and gears need some fresh oil to keep you moving.

That’s about it. The list might be a bit intimidating but I highly recommend you to just go for it. It really isn’t that difficult - it’s like riding a bike - once you got it you got it!

Happy rides and remember to check out our guide for night riding too!

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