The parents riding e-bikes go to a picnic with their kids on Mother's Day

This year, gather for Mother’s Day to celebrate the incredible woman who nurtures and cares for the whole family. Honor your mom, grandmother, aunts, and every maternal figure by spending some quality time. Moms appreciate gifts from family members, but the most precious gift you can offer her is your time. Make her feel special this Mother’s Day! Here are 12 special Mother’s Day fun activities for kids and the whole family to enjoy.

1. Go on a Picnic

Pack a basket or purchase a picnic lunch from a local deli of your mom’s favorite treats and go to her favorite park. Set up the food on a picnic table in the shade, spread out a blanket, and enjoy a leisurely time together. Tell Mom what you appreciate about her and share stories of fun events in the past. Moms appreciate most spending time with you, and homemade goodies make picnics special!

2. Go for a Bike Ride

Explore the outdoors as a family by going on a bike ride. Spend time in nature on scenic trails by hopping on your bikes for a few hours or riding the bike trails in town. For longer, more comfortable rides that still have health benefits, ride electric bikes—they are eco-friendly and make cycling a breeze for kids, moms, and at any age.

Bonus Tip: If your mom deserves a unique Mother’s Day gift, consider a Heybike electric bike. Perfect for leisurely rides, she can explore new trails and enjoy the outdoors.

3. Explore a Museum

Visit an interesting local museum or art gallery. Look for nearby scientific displays, history exhibits, and fine arts shows to learn and spark family conversations. Check with your local museums or the public library for Mother’s Day events and special discounts

4. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Now that spring is here, the farmer’s markets reopen for the season. Ride your electric bikes to the market and spend some time together exploring the local produce offerings, artisanal goods, and handmade crafts. Suggest that Mom pick out some fresh ingredients and prepare her a special meal later.

5. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature scavenger hunts for kids combine fun competition with being in the great outdoors. Make a list of several easily found items, like leaves, rocks, shells, and flowers. Hold your scavenger hunt in your big backyard or a nearby park. Be careful not to destroy the ecosystem while you work together to find the items and enjoy the discoveries.

6. Family Volunteer Day

Giving back to the community as you volunteer together for mom’s favorite cause. What’s available in your area? Cleaning up a local park? Serving at the food bank? Helping out at the animal shelter or rescue? Start a tradition of contributing as a family to celebrate Mom.

7. Plant Some Flowers, Herbs or Vegetables

May is the perfect month to get your hands dirty planting beautiful flowers, delicious herbs, or healthy vegetables. Spend some time in the garden together or do some container planting on the patio or windowsill. Nurturing plants together with mom is a relaxing bonding time for kids with results that last all summer.

8. Explore the Great Outdoors

Take a hike, go birdwatching, camp for the weekend, or enjoy a leisurely stroll in a nearby park. Fresh air and natural beauty rejuvenate the whole family. Stay overnight and spend some extra time camping with Mom!

9. Encourage Self-Care

The whole family can help support mom’s self-care routine without breaking the bank for Mother’s Day. Set up a spa day for mom at home with a warm bath, some scented candles, and a relaxing massage or face mask. Book a mani-pedi for mom to start the beach season off right. Moms deserve a little extra self-care!

10. Fly a Kite

Let’s go fly a kite! Where is the closest open field or beach where you could fly some colorful kites together? Make kites or pick up a few for kids or each family member. Add flying a kite to your picnic or camping trip, or make a special kite-flying outing. This simple activity brings out laughter and joy in everyone.

11. Make a Craft

Give mom a homemade gift or spend time together on Mother’s Day making a new craft. Get creative! Try making some personalized greeting cards, painting rocks, or putting together a family scrapbook. Pick up a craft kit for everyone to make their own fun crafts. Maybe even make kites! Mom will treasure the results of this craft time forever!

12. Have a Games Night

Start a tradition of gathering around the table to play board games and cards, or maybe have a family video game tournament. Friendly competition and laughter build a happy, memorable evening for moms to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Wrapping Up

Shared moments and heartfelt connections truly make every Mother’s Day special for your mom. Happy Mother’s Day to all the great moms out there! 

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