With the increasing construction of bicycle lanes on many streets and the launching of E-bike supporting policies, the number of people buying electric bicycles has doubled several times. However, there are various types of E-bike on the market with different wheels' sizes. Many people may wonder which wheel size is the best one for them. It's well known that the wheels of electric bikes are one of the most necessary parts of e-bikes that can affect our riding experience and the lifespan of our e-bikes. Therefore, we must choose the most suitable wheel when we want to buy an electric bicycle.

Firstly, we need to consider is the place where we will frequently use our bikes. Based on the different kinds of terrains, the tires of E-bikes divide into four types.The first kind is called Road Tire. This tire usually uses on even roads, such as asphalt roads and cement roads. When the electric bikes ride on these roads, they endure only a little pressure on the ground. So the tires of e-bikes are always designed in skinny size-23 to 25mm wide. The advantage of this tire is that its weight is so light that the riders can much easier carry it and quickly accelerate speed. But its disadvantage is that it would be dangerous to use in damp conditions since this tire has little tread on its surface, which can cause the riders to fall. The second one is named Cyclocross Tire. This tire can be used in much muddy and gravel environments because it has a better grip performance. The size of Cyclocross Tire is wider than that of Road Tire, from 30 to 33mm. The third one is Mountain Bike Tire. As its name suggests, this tire is specific for use on mountain riding. This tire is wide and fat for firmly grasping the ground and providing high-level traction. Some manufacturers even use natural rubber instead of synthetics to make mountain e-bikes because the rubber has better performance on grips. The last one is BMX Tire that is typically designed for professional bicycles competitions. This tire has the largest size and has various tread styles and widths according to the customized need. Riding on an extremely rugged mountain road, your best choice will be the BMX Road Tire.

Secondly, you should learn about the types of tire sizes before you know which type is the most suitable one. Generally, the size of e-bike tires can vary from 12-inch diameter to 29-inch diameter. The performance of electric bikes can be affected by tire sizes. I classified its size into four classifications. The first one is 16-inch wheels. This size is almost the smallest one. It is usually installed on folding electric bikes since this tire is the lightest. Therefore, it can reduce the weight of e-bikes. Employing this electric bike wheel is very convenient for users to transport. But this wheel is not available to use on the rough road because it will be under high pressure when it passes bump roads, and the tire can make the riders feel uncomfortable. The second one is a 20-inch e-bike wheel, which is more common than the 16-inch one. It can provide a more comfortable riding experience.This wheel is often installed in foldable electric bikes, such as the Heybike Mars 2.0 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike. This e-bike can be folded easily, and it has a 500W direct drive hub motor, three working modes, and a Shimano 7-speed. When the riders use pure electric mode, this bike can run up to 37 miles, or riders can ride up to 48 with the pedal assist. The 26-inch wheel is possibly the most common one on the market. This tire is fatter and wider, which can be used in various terrains. With this tire, the users can ride almost everywhere, from rough mountain roads to uneven beaches. Here I strongly recommend two e-bikes with a 26-inch wheel for you. If you are interested in riding e-bikes to tour around the cities, you had better not miss Heybike Cityscape Electric Cruiser Bike. This bike is equipped with 36V/10Ah(360Wh) batteries, and its battery is removable. Moreover, the Heybike Race Electric Urban Bike is also your ideal choice. Installed a 26-inch tire, these e-bikes can run too rough places. The last and the biggest one is the 29-inch wheel that offers the best traction on the ground and can use on all terrains. But it has some disadvantages, such as being heavy-weight, slower acceleration, and so on.

In all, when you consider buying an e-bike, you need to think about the terrain's situation where you often ride your electric bike and the size of tires. The tire with a smaller size becomes lighter, but it would be harder to ride on troublesome roads. On the other hand, the tire with a larger size can use more widely, but it would be harder to accelerate and transport. Therefore, which tire is the best one for you depends on your own needs. Before buying a new e-bike, it would be better to think deeply as the bike is not a cheap product. If you want to find out more information, please visit https://www.heybike.com/.  

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