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For many college students or those who prepare to enter the university this year, school life is colorful and enjoyable in their minds. But most of the colleges cover a large amount of area. Therefore, transportation may become a troublesome problem. Driving cars on campus seems to be a good solution. However, there are several serious problems we can not ignore, such as finding a parking place, paying for gas and so on. Also, it is dangerous to drive a car in school, especially at night, because it is easy to have a car accident. Moreover, some students aren't able to afford to buy a car for its high price. And some students prefer to walk, but since the campus is too large, they will spend too much time on the way.

What's more, in summer, the students walk into the teaching building with sweat streaming down their back and out of breath; in winter, they feel the cold wind and may get a cold. With the arrival of the back-to-school season, some parents and students have wondered which is the best transportation for them to use on campus.

According to my own experience and my research, I strongly recommend the college students buy an e-bike. The reasons are list as follows.

Firstly, electric bikes are the most convenient vehicle at school. The riders are very easy to park their bikes since the e-bikes need only a little space. With the peddle-assist and motor system, e-bike cut down the travel time.

Secondly, the price of the e-bike is less expensive than the price of the car, except for the customized bikes. The price of electric bikes varies from $700-$8,000. But for many students, the price of the middle and lower lever will be the most cost-effective one. They will suffer heavy economic pressure if they buy bikes that overrun their budget.

Thirdly, riding an e-bike is a comfortable experience because, with a peddle-assist and a motor system, riders can save lots of effort and energy and get rid of the trouble of getting sweating. Besides, students can not only use their electric bikes at school, but they also can ride the bikes to tour around the cities. In this way, they don't have to worry about traffic jams, and they also protect the environment as the e-bikes are eco-friendly products and the bikes don't produce any harmful gas in the air. Generally, these are some main reasons for students to buy e-bikes. Here I want to recommend three kinds of e-bikes for them.

The first bike is the Heybike Cityscape Electric Cruiser Bike. It costs only $849 now, which is an attractive price. This bike is suitable for everyone, typically the female students because it is easy to operate and its battery is removable. The girl can bring the battery out of the frame to charge it and put it back. The maximum travel range of this bike is about 25 miles with complete electric mode, and up to 40 miles with peddle assist mode.

The second bike is the Heybike Mars 2.0 Folding Fat Tire E-bike. As its name suggests, this one has a fat bike that can ride on all the terrains. This bike is popular among male students. Many boys enjoy outdoor activities, and this bike can help them to travel through rugged roads, such as uneven mountain roads, the beach, and so on. More importantly, this bike can be folded so it saves a lot of space to store it. And it is convenient to transport the e-bikes.

The last one is called Heybike Race Electric Bike. If the student has a low budget, this one would be the best one for its price is less than $800. But the customers don't have to worry about its quality. The production of this product bases on high standards. For example, it installs the US standard 2.0A smart charger, 10Ah lithium battery, 350W brushless gear motor, and so on. Moreover, Heybike provides thoughtful customer service. Customers can return their undamaged/ unused Heybike product to the company 30 days after the date of purchase and get a refund, and they also enjoy a 2-year warranty.

The new school season is coming soon. Why not buy an e-bike to let your college life become more convenient, more colorful, and more comfortable? If you feel interested in the Heybike products, please feel free to visit

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