Recently we received numerous of feedback from our customers about e-bikes stolen. We all know how upset and frustrated it was as the more the owners love the e-bike, the more disappointed. For owners whose e-bikes have not yet been stolen, it is better to take the prevention seriously as preventing your e-bike from being stolen is always easier said than done.
The followings are some practical tips we would like to share with you. 

Tips about locking and parking:

  1. Lock your e-bike with different types of locks. Using multiple locks is not only a deterrent for thieves, but it also slows them down. And, usually, thieves are less likely to carry multiple different penetrating tools when stealing an e-bike. This will greatly reduce the risk of the e-bike being stolen.
  2. Lock the frame and wheels as close together as possible to an e-bike rack so that gives the thief little room to move when they steal the e-bike.
  3. Please park your bike indoors, such as in your home and garage. Instead of parking in front of your home or on the road. If you have to park outside, please park your bike in a well-lit and CCTV parking area if possible.

Register and insure your e-bike:

Register your bike and if it is stolen and recovered by police, it could be traced back to you. We suggest you register on 529 Garage, provide free services for storing your e-bike information so that police and e-bike shops could easily search it. You can also register your e-bike information with some of your related local agencies.

For registering your e-bike, we recommend you note your e-bike serials and order information. The Heybike e-bikes serials could be found at the headtube.

Heybike e-bikes serials


On the other hand, insuring your e-bike can also greatly reduce losses from theft. For more details about insuring, you can refer to Bicycle Insurance.


What if the e-bikes were stolen?

If your e-bike is stolen, firstly, you should call the police via the non-emergency number, obtain a crime reference number and contact your insurer. And then you could then edit your e-bike as "stolen" on the e-bike registration site. You can also check Bike Theft Victim Do's and Don'ts Bike Theft Victim Do's and Don'ts for details.


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