Riding an E-bike is a pleasant thing as people can use it to go to many places with little effort and can get rid of the trouble of traffic jams. However, it may be tiresome for some users to keep their electric bikes in good condition. Generally, E-bike consists of some metal components which cause the bikes very vulnerable to be rusted. The rusty electric bike will not only affect its appearance but also impact its performance. As an e-bike enthusiast, I always ride an electric bike in my spare time, and I have purchased many kinds of e-bikes, such as Heybike Mars Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike,Heybike Cityscape Electric Cruiser Bike , and so on. Therefore, I have accumulated a large amount of experience in rinsing rust from electrical bicycles. Actually, removing rust from the e-bike is an easy thing since it can be done by yourself. It is not necessary for users to send their bikes to a professional e-bike maintenance shop to wipe off the rust. Using several household products can solve this problem. Here are some tips for removing the rust patch.

For Minor Rust

•Using Baking Soda
Firstly, you have to prepare some baking soda, water, and a bowl. The bowl capacity depends on the rusty areas of your bike. The larger area it has, the bigger the bowl should be. Secondly, you should combine the baking soda and water with a 1:1 ratio in a bowl, and mix it until it looks like a thick paste. Adding some lemon juice to the thick paste can improve the removal effect. Thirdly, use a brush or a sponge to dip the paste and apply it to the rusty patch of your electric bike. When you apply the paste, you need to make the paste thick enough to evenly cover the rusted area without dripping off the bike. What's more, it should take some time to break down the rust. So please do not remove or wash paste immediately. The most appropriate time is about 10-15minutes. Fourthly, you use a plastic scrubber to remove off the baking soda paste. Accompanying with your scrub, the rust will detach from the electrical bike. But if the rust can't successfully fall off, add more baking soda solution to the rusty patch and scrub it with more strength. Finally, using a soft and dry cloth to wipe off the paste and dry the bike completely after washing. Some users tend to use baking powder instead of baking soda. Of course, baking powder can play a part in washing off the rust. But since it has mix baking soda with other ingredients, so it would be a better choice for you to use baking soda rather than baking powder.

•Using Lemon and Salt
Lemon is rich in acidic substances which exert an excellent performance in removing rust. Hence, using lemon to clean the rust is another economic and convenient method. First, you should mix the salt with the lemon juice, and then brush the solution on the rusty parts and wait for two hours. Also, it will work better if you can cover the rusty area with lemon peel. The final step is to rinse the mixture solution and clean the e-bike.

For Stubborn Rust

•Using Vinegar
Since acidic substances play an excellent role in removing rust, white vinegar is one of your best options for rust removal because it has a high portion of acidic ingredients. Firstly, prepare a spray bottle and a bottle of white vinegar. Then, you need to pour the vinegar into a spray bottle. It would be best if you can add a spoonful of baking soda to the mixed solution. Next, directly spray the solution onto the rust pitch and wait for 15 minutes. After then, you must wipe off the rust with a soft cloth and use a hose to wash your electric bike. The reason why you should completely wash the e-bikes is that the vinegar is corrosive and it will continue corroding the metal parts of your electric bikes. Finally, you must dry your bike to prevent rust again.

•Using a Chemical Rust Remover
Some rust is quite stubborn, which is not easy to use household products to remove. In this case, you have to buy a bottle of chemical rust remover. Pay attention to this product because it is harmful to your body so you have to prepare a pair of protective gloves and glasses. Please read the product's instructions carefully and make sure it would be safe for you to use it. Also, you should use this product in a spacious and airy place. Then, use a brush to apply the chemical cleaner and wait for a certain time. How much time you should wait depends on your products. The final step is totally to wash your electric bike and store it in a dry and cool area.

Riding your electric bike in wet conditions can be interesting. But it can potentially result in rust on the bikes. If you find a small rusty part in your bike, please take action to clean it immediately to prevent the problem become more serious. Also, if you want to find out information about e-bike, please visit https://www.heybike.com/.

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