It is increasingly clear that humanity has strained and damaged the natural environment. And we have left a big carbon footprint on a fragile planet. Also, traffic jam has gradually become a troublesome problem for many people, typically for those who live in big cities. Moreover, with the improvement of living standards, people are paying more attention to a healthy living style and are trying to get exercise as much as possible. Based on the reasons above, an electrical bike, as eco-friendly transportation, has gained in popularity over recent years. But since there is a great variation in the performance and price of electric bikes, here are some tips to help people choose the most suitable e-bike.

Use Purpose

There are several types of e-bikes for customers to choose except the customized ones. Each type of electric bike has its pros and cons. Customers should base on their usage purpose to pick up the right one. For example:

  • Electric Commuter Bike: This one is designed to help the commuters to keep up with the flow of traffic and to get rid of traffic jams. It is usually the lightest e-bike so it is very convenient for users to haul their e-bikes upstairs or carry them into offices.
  • Electric Cargo Bike: It would be the best option for someone who needs to use it to get groceries as this type of bike is enhanced to haul extra weight and has cargo buckets to load the cargo.
  • Electric Mountain Bike: This kind of bike is used for off-road applications since it has better suspension and has special tires to guarantee your safety on uneven roads.
  • Electric Folding Bike: This model can be folded up while has the same functions as regular bikes. So if you want to save your space to store the bike, folding bike will be your best choice. Heybike has launched some electric folding bikes with high quality. If you feel interested about it, please visit
  • Electric Cruiser Bike: This one is designed for entertainment. It has big wheels, comfortable seats, and excellent suspension, which is greatly suitable for using on the beach.
  • Electric Fat Bike: This bike has the biggest tires and it can be driven almost on every kind of surface, such as sidewalks, wooded roads, uneven trails, and so on.


Electric Bike Motor

As one of the most important components of an electrical bike, undoubtedly, the ebike motor plays a significant role in purchasing an e-bike. There are three kinds of motors and which one works for you depends on your riding needs.

  • Mid-drive Motor: This kind of motor is installed on the center crank with a direct connection with pedals. A lot of electric bikes feature this motor. The reasons are that, firstly, it has a lower center of gravity which can offer better stability; Secondly, the model usually has a torque sensor to supplement rider's energy by motor power so riders can accelerate up hills with less effort.
  • Rear-hub Motor: This motor is employed on the back wheel. It has a slightly higher center of gravity, which make the cyclist's weight press down and has a stable road grip.
  • Front-hub Motor: This type of motor is applied on the front wheel,and a majority of electrical folding bikes use this motor. There is far less weight on the front wheel so it can easily change torque steer.


Electric Bike Battery

The battery is regarded as the gas tank of an e-bike. At first, let us define some terminologies about the battery. The key to battery energy is the size of the battery in Watt Hours. The capacity of Watt Hour is Volts (or V) X Amp Hours (or Ah). The maximum mileage of the e-bike depends on the battery capacity. The higher Watt Hour it has, the longer distance the users can travel. What’s more, there are some types of batteries on the market.

  • SLA: A Sealed Lead Acid battery is the most low-price battery while it has the shortest service life. Also, it would be too heavy to install on a bike because the weight of this battery is almost equal to the weight of the bike itself.  
  • NIMH: A Nickel Metal Hybrid battery has a longer service life than SLA.
  • LiMnO2: A Lithium-Manganese Dioxide battery is lightweight but expensive and can be charged up to 800 times.
  • Li-Ion: Lithium-ion battery is very cost-effective and is the most common type of battery installing in electrical bikes.



Money is also a significant factor to be considered when you want to make a purchase. The prices of electric bikes vary from several hundred dollars to thousand dollars. If we do not have an adequate budget, it is not necessary for us to buy the most expensive one. Just choose the suitable one and do not pay over your budget.

In conclusion, here are some factors for you to consider when you decide to buy an electric bike. If you have no idea about e-bike brands, I strongly recommend you to buy the products of heybike for whose products are known for high quality and cost in value. Find out more information, please visit

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