6 Top Summer Activities With an Electric Bike

As the weather warms up, there is no better way to soak in the fresh air and embrace the great outdoors than by riding an electric bike.

During summer, there are many exciting activities to partake in, from camping in the wilderness to surfing at the beach to fishing by a remote lake. And you can enjoy all of these activities (and more) with the help of an electric bike.

No matter what type of electric bike you own, here are 6 summer e-bike activities to help you make the most of your time outdoors.

Camping Tour

Using electric bikes for camping is a fun, affordable, and eco-friendly way to get around. Do you plan on camping in a remote area? If so, you can access hard-to-reach spots more easily on an eBike than if you were to drive or walk. For example, cars may not be able to fit through dense vegetation or narrow paths.

You can also use the electrical assist mode to overcome tough obstacles, such as steep inclines and tight corners. This way, you will feel more rested and relaxed at your campsite.

Most importantly, transporting camping supplies on an eBike is easier than on a non-electric bike, as you don’t have to do all the pedaling to maintain speed.


Taking an electric bike to your next fishing trip is a great way to save time, save energy, and access hard-to-reach fishing spots. You can use the electrical pedal assist and throttle to overcome steep hills and inclines. Plus, the electrical assistance will help you save energy while carrying heavy supplies.

A man riding a Hero carbon fiber e-bike reaching a remote fishing spot

In addition, riding an electric bike lets you reach spots that cars cannot, such as remote backwaters. You can also use storage accessories like baskets and pannier bags to lighten the load on your backpacks. Do you need to reach a fishing spot at a certain time? An electric bike will get you there faster than walking or using a non-electric bike.

To learn how to improve your eBike angling experience, check out our complete guide to fishing on an electric bike.

Park Picnic

Pack some delicious food and beverages, along with your favorite picnic rug, and hang out with your friends and family at a local park. Choose an open space – preferably with some shade and a pleasant view of your surroundings. Also, choose a spot that lets you park your ebike safely and securely.

Use your electric bike to transport picnic supplies to your destination. You can attach baskets to the front or rear side of the frame, a bike rack pannier bag, and even a pet bike basket to bring your furry friends along.

If you own the Heybike Hauler, you can clip smaller items – water bottles, bike locks – to the DIY peg board. This leaves more room in your baskets to store larger accessories like cooler bags and picnic baskets.

Also, the Hauler can carry up to 440lbs – the highest payload capacity in the Heybike range.

Local Farmer’s Market

Head down to your local farmer’s market to acquire fresh produce. Whether you live in the inner city or the outer suburbs, most local districts have weekly farmer’s markets.

Aside from being able to buy fresh fruit and vegetables directly from farmers, these markets often have restaurants and cafes, live performances, and artisan vendor stalls.

By riding an electric bike to your local farmer’s market, you can buy local goods and transport them home using your storage accessories. Plus, if the farmer’s market is in a nice area, you can ride around the local bike paths and trails.

Beach Cruise

Few summer e-bike activities are more enjoyable than visiting the beach. With the right beach cruiser electric bike, you can not only ride on the piers and bike paths but also directly on the sand.

Fat tires, with their large width and deep tread patterns, can cut through small sand particles to keep you stable and balanced. Most fat tire eBikes have at least a front suspension, which provides additional support and shock absorption.

As well as the off-roading capabilities, taking an electric bike to the beach is a convenient mode of transport. You don’t have to worry about finding a car parking spot. And you use less fuel emissions, which is great for reducing your global carbon footprint.

Music Festivals

Want to watch some live music? Depending on the size and location of the festival, you may be able to ride to your next live music event. At the very least, you can ride to the venue and park outside before you enter.

When attending a live music festival, consider what you can and cannot bring. Most don’t let you bring in outside food and bring, so pack just enough sustenance for the journey there. If you plan on camping inside the venue, be sure to bring essentials like a:

  • Tent
  • Bedding supplies
  • Hygiene, cosmetic, and medical supplies
  • Spare clothing

In addition, bring a foldable lock and – if the weather goes bad – a bike cover for added protection.

Enjoy Summer With an Electric Bike

Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether your priority is to relax or play, there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy the warm weather, socialize, and have memorable moments. And with the help of an electric bike, you can do more of what you love.

Explore the full electric bicycle range at Heybike to release your riding passion.

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