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Please note that, most special accessories are not interchangeable except for some versatile accessories. And we've marked the compatibility of all accessories on the product page. Or you can contact us to confirm before ordering. Can't find what you're looking for? We don't list every component on our website. Contact us ( directly and we'll provide you with what you need.
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What Bicycle Accessories Do I Need?

Equipping your e-bike with bicycle accessories helps you handle more cases in your riding. If you need to enlarge your ebike package load ability, the Heybike baskets and Heybike Saddlebag are needed. If you would ride somewhere you are not familiar with, then you need a phone holder for convenience the phone navigation. And not to mention, you need a lock for your electric bike safety. All in all, it depends on what kind of situation you may be in.

What Bike Parts Checklist Do I Need?

Heybike ebike comes with most of the necessary parts, such as front and rear lights for safety, a kickstand for parking, fenders for preventing your package from being mudded, etc. But preparing well for any case would never be too much.

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