Heybike E-Bike Design Contest-Technical Life for Carbon Neutrality.

Heybike E-Bike Design Contest-Technical Life for Carbon Neutrality.

Updated: Due to the number of participants in the contest being much lesser than the original expectation, we decided to extend the contest participation deadline until January 1st. Voting and awarding will be delayed accordingly, please keep following the announcement on this page and our official social media.

As Heybike devotes to originality and creativity in which way lead a technical life as always. Would you like to join us and let's explore how it would be if a traditional bicycle combined with modern technology? To do this, we held our e-bike design competition, themed technical life for carbon neutrality. With this value, we believe more and more extraordinary tech-life balance designs for a friendly environmentally future would be inspired, which would most likely make people consider more about the new way for transportation and lifestyle.

A high-tech one, or a traditional vintage style with a modern battery installed? No matter which style you would like to design, what kind of job you are doing, whether you are a professional designer or not, we are looking forward to your brilliant idea which may be found in our future products. Heybike sincerely invites you to submit your excellent design and win our latest product, a Ranger!

The bike design of the 4 finalists that has the most likes on November 11 Pacific Time ("PT") wins the contest.

Event procedure:

Participate in the contest by uploading your e-bike design on October 22~January 1 ("PT").

1 finalists, selected by a Heybike jury, will be announced through Heybike.com.

One winner would be announced on heybike.com while we would send e-mails for notification.

Prizing: a Ranger


  1. Please note that No matter with pencils, pigment, or computer, kindly draw anything you would like as long as it is original.
  2. The Heybike logo or related elements should be clearly clarified on the bike.
  3. The design may not infringe with any copyrights.
  4. The design must be uploaded as a JPG. file.

For more details please check the RULES.

Update: E-Bike Design Contest Winner

The winner: Richard ******

The "Mercury" is a tri-cycle, updated from Ranger, maintaining the sturdy build and fine design. Allowing more people to enjoy an e-bike transformation, even the old and disabled would not need to worry about falling off the bike. While loading much more than an electric bicycle for your trip picnic, or a passenger on the rear seat.