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Bag Does Not Fit Ranger S

I purchased a Ranger S, ordering a Cargo Rack and Black Saddle Bag. I cannot get the Saddle Bag on the rack, the two straps are not long enough to fit the frame of the Rack. The Hey Bike Customer Service representative to me "I only to need to buckle the first strap". Really buckle one of the two straps! WIth one strap, what happens when the Saddle Bag is under load? The Saddle Bag cost $79.00. This is a design issue. Hey Bike's Customer Service representative the said, "Well I'm really sorry for that" and then ended the chat. Terrible customer service which tells you a lot about HeyBIke's product design and customer support. I will be submitting this negative review on every eBike forum I've used as well as tell anyone who asks me about my HeyBIke not to purchase one.

Charles Brown

I bought 2 rangerS, was easy to put together was able to program the speed settings that comfortable to my liking, set speed 5 10 15 20 & 25. We have a hill in our neighborhood with 15% grade it pulled it with no problem, had to pellet some. It has been cold here but we did get out and ride some, around 15 miles and we had plenty of battery power left, can’t wait for warm weather

Mr Touze

It doesn’t go 28 mph…the highest it goes is about 21 mph. I dislike that

David Burr
Mess up

I messed up and put the wrong address in the shipping. They stayed on it and fixed my mistake. Great company and great products. I have had 3 e-bikes and this one is the best quality of the 3.

Susan Armstrong
Black Heybike Saddlebag

The bag is not as pictured.
It is a shapeless saggy bag.
The material is fine but the bag has absolutely no shape as it is pictured.
Very disappointing.
There are many other bags on Amazon that are a better value.