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Explore*2 - $2,748.00
  • Explore*2 - $2,748.00
  • Mars(BLACK)*2 - $1,748.00
  • Mars(BLUE) + Mars(WHITE) - $1,748.00
  • Ranger(BLACK)*2 - $2,148.00
  • Ranger(WHITE)*2 - $2,148.00
  • Ranger(BLACK) + Ranger(WHITE) - $2,198.00
  • Sola(GREEN)*2 - $1,948.00
  • Cityrun (ORANGE)*2 - $2,498.00
  • Cityrun(BLACK) + Cityrun(ORANGE) - $2,498.00
  • Cityrun(GREEN) + Cityrun(ORANGE) - $2,498.00
  • Mars(BLACK) + Ranger(BLACK) - $1,998.00
  • Mars(BLACK) + Ranger(WHITE) - $1,998.00
  • Brawn(GREEN)*2 - $3,098.00
  • Brawn(BLACK)*2 - $3,098.00
  • Brawn(BLACK)+Brawn(GREEN) - $3,098.00
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electric bike


electric bike


electric bike


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electric bike


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electric bike


Hub Motor
500W 500W 500W 500W 750W 750W 750W 750W
48V 12Ah 48V 12.5Ah 48V 15Ah 48V 15Ah 48V 15Ah 48V 14.4Ah 48V 18Ah 48V 20Ah
Top Speed
20 mph 20 mph 25 mph 21 mph 28 mph(at PAS mode) 28 mph 28 mph 28 mph
31 ~ 45 Mi 30 ~ 48 Mi 30 ~ 48 Mi 34 ~ 55 Mi 31 ~ 55 Mi 31 ~ 55 Mi 35 ~ 65 Mi 40 ~ 70 Mi
Shimano 7 speed Shimano 7 speed Shimano 7 speed Shimano 7 speed Shimano 7 speed Shimano 7 speed Shimano 7 speed Shimano 7 speed
Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Hydralic Hydralic Hydralic Hydralic Mechanical
LCD/App Sync LCD LCD LCD/App Sync TFT-4G/App Sync LCD/App Sync LCD/App Sync LCD
27.5" x 2.1" 20" x 4" 20" x 4" 26" x 2.5" 20" x 4" 20" x 4" 26" x 4" 26" x 4"
Front Suspension Front Suspension Front Suspension Hydralic Front Suspension Dual Suspension Hydralic Front Suspension Hydralic Front Suspension Front Suspension
Frame Types
High-step Foldable Foldable Step-thru Foldable Foldable High-step Step-thru
Rider Height
5'3" ~ 6'5" 5'3" ~ 6'3" 5'3" ~ 6'3" 5'3" ~ 6'5" 5'3" ~ 6'3" 4'11" ~ 6'3" 5'9''-6'6'' 5'9" - 6'6"
Full fenders & Rear rack
Additional Gear Included Included Included Included Included Additional Gear Included
Best For
Urban dwellers, students, commuters Parents, Commuters, students, RVers All-ages, Cruisers, Commuters, RVers Parents, Commuters, Cruisers All-ages, Travelers, Commuters, RVers All-ages, Cruisers, Commuters, RVers Trail-lovers, Long-Range Enthusiasts, eXPerienced ebikers All-ages, long-range commuters, Cruisers, Travelers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Robert Fourcade
Ranger Heybikes

Everything was taken care of in a timely fashion. Love our bikes

Tom Q.
Motorhome travel

Purchased a pair of the Rangers, hopefully will fit in the storage compartment when folded up, have not tried putting them in the motorhome, will be attempting as soon as we get the coach back from the dealership.

Lee P.
Great Bikes

Purchased two of the Cityrun bikes without any prior experience with e bikes. They were a bit of a challenge to assemble but went together without much difficulty. All the tools were provided. Operation of the bikes were relatively straightforward and I was riding without issue very quickly. The ride is smooth and comfortable. I recommend these bikes based on my personal experience. So far so good!

Craig Spahr
Could be Better Needs to be defined better.

I think you bundle sale is deceiving per the note I read is that the bundle was supposed to be on top of any other discounts. So I believe it should have come with the free baskets. It looks to me like it would have been a better deal if I would have purchased the bikes separately. The bikes so far are great.

Thanks for shopping with Heybike and your suggestion. We'll continue to provide you with better products and service.

Kevin Wamba
Hey bike rangers

We love the bikes but we're unhappy about how we received them! Both bikes were marked up already because we're not packed well so they both had scuffs on them. We paid quite alot of money for these bikes so this should not have happened. Other then that bikes are amazing.

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