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Agile commuter e-bike for every style of life.

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Absolutely an urban-optimized e-bike



20 MPH

Top Speed

48V 12Ah


45 Miles

Max Range

5-6 Hours

Charging Time


Max Load

  • Lightweight Frame Helps You Ride with Ease

    With a torque sensor, it tends to ride in a more "bicycle-like" manner, since the power response is directly proportional to the power applied to the pedals. That's also help for more control on your commute or a leisurely ride anywhere.

Close-up view of torque sensors
Torque sensors

Utilizing torque sensing pedal assist ensures a beautifully responsive ride feels and there's virtually zero latency. Translate your every movement into smooth motor power. A necessity for minor slopes, and a luxury for flat roads.

View-up view of removable ebike battery
Instant Power

Kick-start your commute with a removable battery combining an instant motor boost. Enjoy assistance that comes with no delay.

Detail view of Heybike's 500W motor for Sola  e-bike
Powerful Motor

Provides 500W of continuous output. Take on daunting inclines with more power - even at lower speeds. Don't have to hesitate whenever you are eager to somewhere.

Ultimate Safe

These durable 27.5" x 2.1'' tires make the adventure a no-brainer. Ensures a significant increase in grip when the rider is braking, accelerating, or cornering.

Ultimate Safe

These durable 27.5" x 2.1'' tires make the adventure a no-brainer. Ensures a significant increase in grip when the rider is braking, accelerating, or cornering.
close-up view of 27.5 inch x 2.1 inch tires
Enjoy the Sola ebike like a regular bike.

Ride in Style & Smooth

The powered ride is silky smooth and lightweight, and if you do decide to turn the power off, enjoy the Sola like a regular bike.

Multifunctional LCD Display
& Hands-free Access

Simple, stylish and easy to read on the go, while still providing all the info you need; Close to unlock by “Heybike” App.

Battery Indicator

Display remaining battery capacity


Calculate how many miles have ridden

PAS Level

Pedal assistance power adjustment


Can be set to current speed, max speed or average speed
Close-up view of high-visibility LED headlight and taillight
Built for Safe Riding

Ride safe with high-visibility LED to keep you seen, and rear light to alert drivers and riders you're ahead. So that keeps you safe no matter what time of day you ride.

Feature with pedal assist and throttle on the Heybike sola ebike
Pedal Assist & Throttle

Get where you want to go with throttle on demand and pedal assist functions! Choose the level of assistance you need, whether you want a gentle push or a more powerful boost.

Close-up view of aluminum alloy pedals
Aluminum Alloy Pedals

Senses your every move and matches your pace, amplifying the fun. Experience the freedom of assisted urban exploration.

Close-up view of rear spoke wheel
Optional Rear Rack Frame

Covered to load-bearing needs, no matter how much gear you have.

Heybike Sola

Assembly Instructions

Get Some Inspirations

Get Some Inspirations

  • Model
  • TIRE
  • APP
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  • Char Black / Ivory White / Pale Green
  • 31-45 Miles
  • 576 Wh / 12 AH
  • 27.5" x 2.1''
  • 50.7 lbs
  • 300 lbs
  • N/A
  • 70.9×24.4×43.3(inch)
  • Torque
  • 5'3"-6'5"
  • YES
Race Max
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  • Black / White / Blue
  • 25-34 Miles
  • 450 Wh / 12.5 AH
  • 27.5" x 1.95''
  • 58.4 lbs
  • 264 lbs
  • YES
  • 69.3×24.4 ×43.3 (inch)
  • Cadence
  • 5'4"-6'4"
  • N/A


  • A

    Total Length

  • B

    Handlebar Length

  • C


  • D

    Minimum seat height

  • E

    Maximum Seat Height

  • F

    Chain Stay Length

  • G

    Stand Height

  • H

    Top Tube Length

  • I

    Wheel Diameter

  • J

    Head Tube Length

  • K

    Head Tube Lenth

  • L

    Handlebar Length




  • Battery


  • Payload Capacity

    264-300 lb

  • E-Bike Weight

    50.71 lbs

  • E-Bike Class

    Class 2

  • Charging Time

    5-6 Hours

  • Hub Motor

    500W Brushless Gear

  • Brake


  • IP Level


  • Range

    45 Miles (Pedal Assist)

  • Tires

    27.5" x 2.1''

  • Package Weight

    63.91 lbs

  • Product Dimensions


  • Charger


  • Max Speed

    20 mph

  • Fram Material

    Aluminum Alloy

  • Package Dimensions


Riding Range Test | Sola

Max Range: 37.5 miles(pure electric) /45 miles(pedal assist )

*Note: Throttle Max Range tests are calculated using PAS 1 with a rider weight of 165 lbs on flat terrain. Throttle speed and range may vary if ridden in different conditions.

What Are The Benefits Of Torque Sensor On Heybike Sola?

Torque sensor measures how hard the rider is pedaling to determine how much electric power to push to the bike. The harder you pedal, the more power it gives to the motor. If you pedal lighter, less power goes to the motor.

As A Newcomer, Does Model Sola Suit Me?

Of course! This modle is easy for newcomers to get started and enjoy a light and fast ride as well.

Although it is an entry-level e-bike, it is specially equipped with a 500W motor, which makes your cruise or commute to and from work hassle-free.

Can I Remove The Battery From Heybike Sola?

Sure! Sola equips an integrated and removable battery, which means you can charge the battery pack on or off the frame and never miss out on the fun.

Can I Add Fender And Rear Rack On Heybike Sola?

Yes! Sola’s frame has pre-set holes to support you to do so. You can install a fender to protect yourself from the elements, rain or shine. And attach a rear rack to transport all of your essentials, no matter how much gear you have.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
james holloway
first electric bike

so far real happy with the sola should have got the city but hindsight is always great. had a problem and was fixed quickly and pleasantly. recommend the the heybike line

Jeff Humpton
Please try just a little harder

I really like this bike yet if you just took a little extra time in the packing process it may have arrived without scratches and scuffs on the great paint job. It was really a shame to spend $1000.00 and already have a few dings in the paint. Also never received the rear rack yet . The bike is overall pretty fun and a good buy I just hope that you can get it together with the packaging and shipping.

Michael Reeber
great bike and great service

Love the torque assist. All the assist I want, without it pushing to a higher speed then I want. Sola arrived in good shape, and was easy to assemble. I added a rack, saddle bags and a mirror. Also moved the left bar controls, so that I can reach the mode control easier, as that is the one I used most often. I did add line-pull hydraulic calipers (about 30 minutes for front and reaf). The stock brakes were noisy and I think electric bikes can use the better braking.
Lots of hills where I ride, and this bike it terrific! Also light enough to carry on a regular bike rack.
I had several problems, (thanks to FedEX), just getting the bike, but Fawn, with Heybike support has been great in resolving all of them.
Many Thanks , Fawn!
I have tried about 19 different ebikes from many companies, my favorties have been the Heybike CityScape and Sola. I passed the CityScape to a friend, who liked it well enough to purchase another for his wife.
Also the Sola is light enough that it can be carried on a regular bike rack. But, I would say the bike is meant for taller riders.
In summary, the Sola is great. If it will fit you, get one before they sell out!!
ATTENTION, HEYBIKE. Please bring out a similar model for shorter riders, so I can get one for my wife and daughter. One equipped with 24 inch wheels.

Rudy Moeller
First ebike

I've had my Heybike Sola for about a month and I really like it.. I like the full size
wheels and frame. I wanted an ebike to help climb hills. With the 5 levels of PAS and 7 speed Shimano derailleur I have been able to conquer every hill so far. The pedal assist is really smooth and makes riding fun. The ride is comfortable and efficient. My Sola is green and looks good.
The bike was shipped to me quickly. The assembly was easy except the front disc brake needed to be adjusted after installing the front wheel. I wasn't able to adjust it myself so I had a bike shop help me. Also during the first ride the derailleur would'nt shift properly. Again I had a bike shop help. On a new bike the shifter cable can stretch. It was an easy fix. Lastly the fenders came with no installation instructions. With help from Heybike support I was able to install the fenders. It was challenging for me. Heybike does suggest having a bike shop assemble the bike. My assembly issues were minor but challenging for me.
Now that my Heybike is assembled I love riding it. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Ronald Strout


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