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Race Max

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Race Max

Slick, Stylish, More Powerful Lightweight Ebike

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The trusted and popular Ebike from 70,000+ riders

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Energize your life with Race Max



48V 12.5Ah


Class 2


6-7 Hours

Charging Time

40 Miles

Max Range

264 Lbs

Max Load

  • Upgraded to Provide Ultimate Performance

    The rear motor properly added a boost to your ride, whether you are cruising on flat terrain, or venturing up hills and bumpy ground. Go start immediately wherever you need to go.

Close view of puncture resistant 27.5 inch tires of Heybike race max ebike
Safety & Durability

Comes standard with puncture resistant 27.5” tires, dual lights and both brakes have motor inhibitors to cut power instantly when stopping, which makes your commuting journey steadier and more reliable.

Close view of removable battery
Portable Battery

Completely removable, easy to carry, and packed with power. Enjoy an assisted range up to 40 miles. It can also charge your electronics on the go and never get caught with an empty battery.

Close view of high-step commuter ebike come with removable battery Heybike
Light Weight Geometry Frame

A sturdy high-step commuter style e-bike offers clean and sleek appearance, and less than 52.9 lbs weight for city riders craving more excitement and utility than your average bike.

Removable Battery

Covers a range of up to 30-40 miles per charge. Plenty for a day’s adventure and your everyday needs. Remove the battery with the key and conveniently charge it at your home or office.

Removable Battery

Covers a range of up to 30-40 miles per charge. Plenty for a day’s adventure and your everyday needs. Remove the battery with the key and conveniently charge it at your home or office.
Close-up view of removable battery
Close-up view of 500W high speed brushless motor of Race-max ebike

Powerful Brushless Motor

Equipped with a 500W high speed brushless motor, provides more than enough power for your daily commute.

Suspension Front Fork

Build for improved shock absorption and smooth riding. You will have excellent riding posture and will not want to stop the fun.
Close-up view of ebike shock absorption
close-up view of bent handle


The design of the bent handle is more in line with the physiological structure of the human body.

High-Visibility LED

Equipped with four bright center beams to keep you seen. Light up the night and ride safe with a super bright LED lighting.
Close-up view of four bright center beams and shock absorption

Independent Taillight

Offers two colors of steady, flashing, and alternating modes that you can choose from. Keep your ride safe.
Close-up view of tailight which steady, flashing and alternating modes
Close-up view of dual-disc brake of heybike race max ebike

Brakes System

Equipping with a dual-disc brake provides powerful, progressive braking in different road condition, which works better than rim brakes in wet weather. More sensitive and accurate, and easy to repair.
Close-up view of the right grip, LED screen, shimano 7-speed controller, brake, and throttle

Shimano 7-Speed

A wider range of gearing at your disposal mean more torque for treacherous uphill climb and maintain pedal authority at top speed.

Heybike Race Max

Assembly Instructions

Get Some Inspirations

Get Some Inspirations


  • A

    Total Length

  • B

    Handlebar Height

  • C


  • D

    Minimum Seat Height

  • E

    Maximum Seat Height

  • F

    Seat Tube

  • G

    Chainstay Length

  • H

    Standover Height

  • I

    Top Tube Length

  • J

    Wheel Diameter

  • K

    Head Tube Length

  • L





  • Battery 

    48V 12.5Ah

  • Range 

    30-40 Miles(Pedal Assist)

  • Hub Motor


  • Max Load 

    264 lbs (120kg)

  • Charging Time

    6-7 Hours

  • Battery Capacity

    600 Wh

  • E-Bike Weight

    58.4lbs (26.5kg)

  • Package Weight 

    72.8lbs (33kg)

Which class of Ebikes does the Heybike Race Plus belongs to?

Heybike Race Plus is a class 2 e-bike.

What is a commuter Ebike?

A commute e-bike is built for comfort and convenience. Suit for your urban commute, a commute bike usually has a straight handlebar, suspensions. It keeps you in a comfortable and upright position for a longer ride. But please be aware that a commuter bike is not really built to be taken on hiking trails or rugged, unpaved terrain.

What should I look for in a commuter Ebike?

When you are looking for a commute Ebike, you are looking for a bike that is comfortable for you to ride every day. A bike that is convenient for you to ride anywhere in an urban environment. And also a bike that is easy and flexible to control in your riding.

I weigh 330lbs, will I be too heavy to ride?

Unfortunately, as the max load capacity of Heybike Mars is 264 lbs, if you weigh 330 lbs, it would be too heavy to ride it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 212 reviews
Ray Brown
Hey Bike Race

Had the opportunity to buy a 5 month old 27.5" 48 volt 500 watt Hey Bike Race. So far it operates flawlessly. The furthest have gone is about 9 miles. I started with 5 bars for the battery and ended with 5 bars.
I read complaints about the seat but I found if you sit further back on the seat it's comfortable.
For the majority of my riding keep it on power level 2 which maxes out at slightly over 15 mph which is fast enough and conserves battery power.
Overall, for what it is give it 5 stars.

Drew Hill
Amazing customer service. I love my ride!

Thank you heybike I give you a big shout out and a pat on the back for a. Amazing mountain bike I love the style size and light weight frame. It is amazing. It's my sunshine on a cloudy day. I love going green. I don't drive cars anyways and this is the perfect way for me to commute. Thanks guys I love how I can detach the battery and take it into my work for safety..

Jack Barbaro

My son loves it. It was the best Christmas present he ever got

Arthur Evans
Blue Race Max

Enjoying my new Race Max. Very responsive ann light enough to load into my van. Great value for the price.

Edwin Quinton Quinton

Best quality bike I've ever seen in my life!

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