What Is Bike Standover Height?

Bike sizes, regardless of terrain, are the main factor in how comfortable you will be riding an electric bike. Even if you fitted your electric bicycle a long time ago, your adjustments may alter as you grow older, and you may find yourself wondering, What size bike do I need?

So, until you know your standover heights and the necessary changes, it is impossible to predict what size will be ideal for you. That is why you need a bike height chart to keep track of your electric bike adjustments and the e-bike frame size that is right for you. So the first step is to determine your Standover Height, after which you may follow the simple procedures to suit your bike.

Does Bike Standover Height Important?

Standover height is measured from the ground to your crotch, and a minimum of an inch or two of clearance between the top tube and your legs is required.

If you do not, you are at risk if you need to stop fast, which is deadly! A standover height of a bike is around 27 inches. This measurement varies based on frame size and brand, be sure to measure before buying.

How To Find Your Standover Height?

Finding your standover height is simple, and you only need a few materials to get started. You can always accomplish this in two steps: first, measure your body height, and second, measure your inside leg length (inseam). In any case, constantly remember to evaluate when wearing your bicycle shoes.

Grab a large book and your tape measure, and head over to your wall when you are ready. Stand against a wall, mark the top of your head, and measure the distance between the floor and your mark to get your total height (anyone can assist you). You can then measure your inside leg by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Stand flat-footed with your back to the wall before taking the measurement.

Step 2: Then, as if you were sitting on an electric bike saddle, place the book between your legs and press it underneath you.

Step 3: Make a mark on the wall where your e-bike/book touches the wall to ensure it is level.

Step 4: Now you can check the height of the mark from the level floor, this is your standover height.

When measuring a conventional road cycle, you should provide roughly a 1-inch clearance for the area taken up by the ground and the tire when you lift the bike when straddling. If your bike has a slanting top tube, you can leave 2 inches of clearance. A standard mountain bike will also require at least 2 inches of clearance.

How Can I Increase My Standover Height?

Here are some tips to increase your Standover Height:

Dropper post with a low stack height

Because of their high collars, the dropper posts we are all using these days have raised our saddles higher in the drop position than fixed posts of the past.

Rail saddle with a shallow depth

The rails on some saddles are extremely deep. Some saddles have very substantial cushioning or thick foundation shells. You can also boost your effective standover by obtaining a sleeker saddle with shorter rails.

Shorter cranks

Your bike probably comes with 175mm long crank arms. Shorter cranks, like 165mm crank arms, are becoming increasingly popular among riders. It not only effectively lowers your seat-tube/pedaling height by 10mm, but it also provides better pedal ground clearance and is said to provide a less stressful and more efficient pedal action.

Get rid of the flimsy pedals

Try switching back to a thicker pedal if you are riding on one of the latest waves of very thin flat pedals. Changing from 12mm to 17mm wide pedals will add 5mm to your effective seat-tube height (and the pedals will probably be better too).

Five-tenths of an impact

If you now ride regular Five Ten Freeriders, switching to a Five Ten Impact model with a slightly thicker sole will add a few millimeters to your effective seat-tube height. Although impacts can be clunky, many riders like the feel, extra sticky grip, and bump absorption that Impacts provide over Freeriders.


Now you will have the answer to this question, what is the standover height of a bike? If you want to buy a bike look for one that provides you with the appropriate amount of clearance. We suggest you, if your standover height is 33", check for bikes with a 32" standover height.

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