What are the Anti-Theft Options for E-bike

A bike gets stolen in the US every 30 seconds, according to Bicycling.com, a startling statistic that results in more than 2 million bikes being missing annually. You did your homework on several manufacturers and models, created it in your favorite color with the accessories you wanted, patiently waited for it to be delivered, and now you enjoy driving it. So how can you prevent your electric bike from becoming a statistic? You can choose from several options that we offer.

Anti-Theft Alarm

When purchasing your bike, you can add an Anti-Theft Alarm; however, if you plan to leave your bike parked in a public place for an extended period, it is essential. It operates exactly like a car alarm with a remote. Click the lock button to arm it, and if someone tries to move your bike, it will sound a warning alarm bell first before going off completely. It is loud enough to catch the thief's unwanted notice. Then, press the unlock button to silence the alert.

anti-theft protection for ebike

Bike Lock

We advise getting a bike lock in addition to the anti-theft alarm. There are several locks available to select from.

The safest locks are U-locks. If everything else is equal, a 16-millimeter U-lock is a unique option to a 14-millimeter U-lock because thicker is better. When compared to a chain lock, they might be a little bulkier, but not by much. Although flexible, chains are weighty. A chain lock is easy to use than a smaller U-lock on crowded bike racks ( with thicker or more expensive cycles). These are the biggest kind of lock, though.

Tips for Electric Bike Anti-Theft Protection

Never Use Only One Lock

The optimal approach involves using two distinct lock types. Integrate a chain lock and a U-lock. If you can, secure them to two distinct anchors. If not, make very sure the anchor is solid.

Before locking your bike to a street sign, shake it to check your bike lock if it is entrenched in the sidewalk's concrete. Confirm that a bike rack is firmly bolted down by kicking it. Examine the strength of a fence post by pushing on it. Use a variety of locks, preferably more than one.

Bring the E-bike Inside with You

Taking your bike with you will help avoid theft even better than taking your battery. No lock is impervious to theft. Everyone can be plucked or broken with the proper equipment. Keeping criminals out of your bike is the best defense against having it stolen.

Bring your bike inside if you have the means to do so. You are safest. You should be more concerned about your home than your e-bike if a thief is successful in breaking in.

Install a Tracker on Your E-Bike

There are many reliable GPS trackers available that can be readily concealed on a bike to deter theft. Many are posed as bicycle components. Even a burglar seeking them would not figure out where they were kept.

The only issue with GPS trackers is their high price and frequent need for SIM cards to have their own monthly fees or monthly subscriptions.

Consider E-bike Insurance

Numerous businesses specialize in bike insurance. The insurance you have for your home or apartment may also cover your bike. Some locks also provide insurance for bikes. Register your bike lock with the provider as soon as you get it.

A Brief Introduction to Heybike Tyson

The Heybike Tyson is unique in terms of structure and design compared to the other models in its family tree. Although the bike's unibody design is touted as a first in its class, breaking records isn't the only goal here. The design is also supposed to increase the e-bike's durability while assisting in weight reduction.
The Heybike Tyson has front and rear suspension, which will please riders who love to become wilder while riding and hitting the trails. Since it appears to be a hydraulic suspension fork, the front should be of decent quality as opposed to the cheap springer forks that are found on low-cost e-bikes. Expect to suffer injuries if you leap this bike from a loading dock because the rear suspension does not as sophisticated. Additionally, a 48V 15Ah battery with 720 Wh of capacity has included with the Heybike Tyson. And pedal-assist Tyson has a maximum range of 55 miles (88 km).

Heybike Tyson features Push notifications, Bluetooth, GPS, and 4G network access are all supported. When the e-bike is relocated away from its parking spot, the GPS notification notifies the owner, and this most recent e-bike offers greater peace of mind. Heybike Tyson has a companion smartphone app that provides users with trip details. (battery status, mileage, navigation, and general status reports).

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