We are delighted to unveil our Hero Carbon Fiber all-terrain E-Bike on Indiegogo. We invite you to join us on March 21st at 8 AM PST as we set sail on this awesome voyage of discovery.

Heybike Hero is a high-end carbon-fiber, dual-sport, 750W e-bike based on mid-drive technology. It is a full-suspension e-bike with fat tires that is correctly established as an all-rounder, as it can be used both off and on the road, and its powerful mid-drive motor can achieve up to 160Nm of torque. The engine is powered by an 864Wh battery which can provide a walking range of 60 miles/charge. Get set to discover unprecedented power, mobility, and thrill-seeking with Heybike Hero. Get ready to power up!

What is Indiegogo and How Does Crowdfunding Work?

Indiegogo, which is one of the most popular crowdfunding websites, gives creators and entrepreneurs the chance to find financing for their projects or products using asking for contributions from individuals and groups, sometimes giving rewards or gifts in exchange.

Revolutionize your riding experience with the HERO electric bike, currently only available through Indiegogo – the most popular crowdfunding platform! Get the chance to be among the first ones who will experience our cutting-edge design and innovative features at a super early bird price of $2399.Only 30 spots available. Moreover, do not miss the chance to get this limited edition which features our co-creation design, available exclusively on Indiegogo. The funds and sales will make mass production possible, as the plan is to ship out all the bikes in June. Hurry up and grab your chance to join the electric mobility revolution quickly. This business model enables us to interact with our customers, raise funds, and put the Hero e-bike on the market with great efficiency.

Stretch Goals and Perks for Backers

With your backing, we can achieve new heights and ensure that every player is a hero in our game. Do not keep missing such an enticing reward and stretch goals! Heybike Hero campaign needs your support so we can reach our goals. Let us turn each ride into a forever-unforgettable memory together! Come with us into the future today!

  • $500,000 Goal: We will hit this milestone and every backer will have a complimentary mountain cycling helmet then!! We ensure your security and fashion sense always.
  • $1,000,000 Goal: Once you reach the $1 million mark, we’ll honor you with a lifetime warranty on the Hero’s carbon fiber frame! Ride with confidence knowing that your purchase is insured for a lifetime.
  • $2,000,000 Goal: Smashed the $2 million funding target, and each backer will be awarded a free battery upgrade! 2x the riding range and more adventures await you.
  • $3,000,000 Goal: Reach the final milestone, and you will be rewarded with a secret grand prize! It’s our way to say thank you for the amazing support that you all have given.

Get to Know Hero and All the New Features

Introducing the all-new Hero with exciting features! It featuring a convenient step-through and trapeze frame for easy mount and dismount.

750W Mid-Drive Motor vs. 1000W Hub Motor

Our versatile choices let you select the power you want: 750W mid-drive motor with 160Nm torque or 1000W hub motor with 100Nm torque. Choose power – choose your way.

T800 Carbon Fiber Frame

Offering superior strength and a low-weight design, our T800 carbon fiber frame is the crown jewel. Custom-designed with a unique mix of toughness and performance, this is the ultimate riding accessory.

10-Year Frame Warranty

Rejoice as your new Hero is guarded by a full-coverage frame warranty period of an unbeatable 10-year duration. Ride with confidence, mile after journey.

60-Mile Long Range Distance

Spoil your ranger with limitless exploration by leveraging Hero which offers up to 60-mile long range distance. No more range anxiety and just joyful trips open up now.

9-Speed Shimano Gear Shift System

Our 9-speed Shimano gear systems won’t keep up with the unpredictable surfaces but rather, you can precisely tackle any terrain.

Full-Suspension System

With Hero's full suspension system, you can enjoy both the ups and downs on the roughest roads and uneven trails easily. Savor the improved, more comfortable driving experience even, if the conditions are not good.

26*4-Inch Fat Tires

With Hero’s 26*4-inch Fat tires, feel ultimate confidence and grip in every turn as you navigate through the rough and tough terrain making your ride as exciting as it is smooth.

Integrated Handlebar

Say hello to the combination of convenience and security with HERO handlebars set that are integrated and includes the display and the headlight. Get all riding data right on track and mount your phone with adjustable holder for riding comfort on the go. It provides up to 1000 lumens of light with a convenient button that allows you to switch between high beam and low beam to improve the visibility. Furthermore, rest assured on its water-resistant structure and therefore you can ride both in sun and rain.

TUV Battery Certification

Travel safely and securely, our battery has passed the TUV test, guaranteeing the best quality. Explore with no worries in Hero and get the best of the experience.


As a final point, the Heybike Hero is not just a bike. It offers endless journeys and unrivaled outcomes. It has the T800 carbon fiber frame, long-distance range, Shimano gear shift system, and full suspension that makes the Hero mountain bike able to overcome any terrain smoothly and comfortably. As such, in addition to our benefits, like exclusive discounts and stretch goals on our INDIEGOGO campaign, now is the best time to join our Hero community. Don’t let the chance to be a part of something amazing slip away. Support the Heybike Hero now and let the snowball start rolling!


1. How does Indiegogo Work?

Indiegogo is a platform that permits people to set their respective campaigns for receiving funding within a specific goal. 

2. How to buy Hero on Indiegogo?

To buy Hero on Indiegogo, visit the campaign page, select a perk, provide payment details, and confirm your purchase.

3. After the shipment, will I receive a notification?

Yes, after the shipment, you will receive a notification with tracking details to monitor the delivery of your Hero bike.

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