Whether you need an electric bike for daily urban commutes, weekend outdoor adventures, or both, the Heybike HERO vs Brawn are two excellent choices.

On the surface, the HERO and Brawn appear to be alike. Both are fat tire eBikes with powerful motors, long-lasting batteries, comfortable suspension, seamless gear systems, and wide tires – providing comfort and stability on snow, dirt, mud, and loose gravel. Dig deeper, though, and the differences become clearer.

In this article, we discuss what the Heybike HERO vs Brawn are, and how to choose the right model to suit your needs and lifestyle.

What is the Heybike HERO?

a man riding Hero mid-drive ebike uphill

Introducing the latest fat tire eBike from Heybike. Featuring a lightweight T800 carbon fiber frame, weighing just 2.8kg (36% lighter than aluminum), the HERO is meticulously engineered to absorb vibrations and reduce wind resistance, guaranteeing a smoother, more comfortable ride.

The 750w mid-drive motor, with 160Nm torque, is 25% faster than a comparable 750w rear-hub motor, enabling you to conquer tricky terrain and steep hills with ease. Plus, the torque sensor learns and adjusts to your pedaling style, ensuring seamless, automatic gear shifts to accommodate for any riding situation.

What is the Heybike Brawn?

A man is riding a Brawn fat tire e-bike for an off-road adventure

Designed for adventurous riders, the Brawn fat tire ebike offers exceptional performance, stability, and comfort on any terrain. Powered by a 750w brushless motor (1200w peak), the Brawn has a maximum speed of 28mph, delivering fast acceleration and impressive yet manageable speeds.

For precise stopping power, the hydraulic disk brakes use pressured fluid and a responsive finger lever, enabling you to slow down and stop safely and easily. Furthermore, the 26” x 4” fat tires provide maximum traction and support, with the freedom to ride on lower pressure to absorb shocks, prevent slipping, and maintain stability on uneven terrain.

What Do the HERO and Brawn Have in Common?

Both the HERO and Brawn have 26” x 4” fat tires. This means you can use both to ride on flat terrain as well as sand, snow, mud, and loose gravel. By being wider and larger than commuter tires, fat tires provide enhanced traction for challenging conditions, while being more durable and puncture-resistant as well.

Also, both models have a front hydraulic suspension fork. The Brawn has a stylish, motorcycle-inspired design, while the HERO has a durable front suspension. Both models provide similar levels of shock absorption. However, the HERO carbon fiber all-terrain ebike has a dedicated rear suspension, while the Brawn has a shock-absorbing saddle.

If rider height is a concern, fear not. The Heybike Brawn has a height range of 5’9”-6’6”, while the HERO has a height range of 5’3”-6’6” (step-through) and 5’4”-6’6” (trapeze). That said, the HERO (step-through) offers a bit more leniency for shorter riders, but overall, both do an excellent job of accommodating for different rider heights.

Performance Comparison

To help you more easily differentiate between the Heybike HERO and Brawn, refer to the performance table comparison below. This will help you see how each model stacks up. Use it to compare the features that matter to you.





750w Rear Hub

750w Mid-Drive

1000w Rear Hub



160Nm (Mid-drive)

100Nm (Rear hub)

Max Speed




Cadence Sensor

Torque Sensor


Front Fork & Seat

Full Suspension

Rider’s Height


5’3”-6’6” (Step-Through)

5’4”-6’6” (Trapeze)


Shimano 7

Shimano 9


Up to 65 miles

Up to 60 miles


26” x 4”

26” x 4”


Hydraulic Suspension Fork (80mm of Travel)

Hydraulic Suspension Fork (80mm of Travel)

Pedal Assist Mode









Frame Size



Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Carbon Fiber

High-Beam and Low-Beam



 As you can see, the HERO outclasses the Brawn on performance. It has a 750w mid-drive (or 1000w rear hub) motor, delivering a maximum top speed of 35 mph, along with full suspension and Shimano 9-speed shifting, providing greater comfort and versatility in a wider range of riding conditions. Also, the Hero’s 1000-lumen front headlight provides greater visibility than the Brawn.

That said, the Brawn has a smaller frame size, making it more accessible to a wider range of body types. It can also travel 5 miles further on a single charge, compared to the HERO carbon fiber all-terrain ebike. Plus, if top speed is not a priority, then 28mph may perfectly suit your needs.

Choosing the Right E-Bike for Your Needs

How you plan to use your e-bike will have a major influence on which model is right for you.

Do you plan to ride mostly off-road, on long excursions into the wilderness, navigating tricky terrain and steep hills? Or do you plan to ride mostly urban, careening across flat, well-maintained roads and pathways, with the occasional hill to climb or descend?

Think about your riding style, local routes, and nearby destinations. Use this information to choose an e-bike that complements your needs and lifestyle. Here are a few pointers to consider, whether you’re an off-road or urban rider.

Off-Road Adventures

Planning to hit the dirt? Both the Heybike HERO and Brawn can deliver. The 26” x 4” wide tires help absorb shock and maintain stability, keeping you comfortable and in control on difficult terrain. Also, both models have a hydraulic front suspension fork; although, the HERO’s full suspension is a slight step up, compared to the Brawn’s shock-absorbing saddle.

If range is a factor, the Brawn can travel up to 65 miles on a single charge, 5 miles longer than the HERO. You can, of course, regardless of model, purchase a spare battery component. When the first battery is low, take out the spare and swap it out. Too easy!

Urban Commutes

Do you spend most of your time in the city or suburbs? Then the HERO is the perfect all-rounder choice.

With a durable T800 carbon fiber frame, the HERO is surprisingly lightweight while offering superior strength. If your commute requires carrying the e-bike – e.g. up or down stairs, on public transport – then the HERO will be gentle on your shoulders. What’s more, the Shimano 9-speed gear system ensures smooth, comfortable pedaling. Whether you’re cruising flat or ascending a steep hill, seamless gear shifting will help you adapt quickly.

Looking for an Adjustable Beam?

To see and be seen at night, Brawn and HERO super bright headlights deliver the illumination you need. Both models provide excellent illumination, both during the day and night, especially in dense fog and heavy rain.

That said, the HERO has a slight edge, with an adjustable high- and low-beam front headlight. For dimly lit areas, choose the high beam setting to brighten up your surroundings. For relatively well-lit areas, choose the low beam setting to maintain visibility – without blinding other people, either.

Choose Your Perfect Electric Bike

By now, you should have a clearer understanding of what sets the Heybike HERO and Brawn apart.

Ideal for thrill seekers and adventurers, the HERO is the ultimate all-terrain electric bike. Its super lightweight frame, powerful mid-drive motor, and full suspension system make it ideal for urban and off-road riding.

Meanwhile, the Brawn is perfect for heavy-duty off-road undertakings. The dual crown fork suspension and fat tires provide excellent traction, stability, and shock-absorption. Plus, the automatic headlights can sense your surroundings, switching on in dark conditions to illuminate the path ahead.

Explore the full range of fat tire bikes from Heybike. The HERO is currently available for preorder on Indiegogo, with less than a month left on the campaign. Get in early and order the HERO today!

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