Do you want to have an honestly inspiring experience? The Horizon full-suspension fat tire ebike has a powerful brushless motor that can withstand steep slopes, gravel roads, off-road adventures, and dusty trails all day. You are set for that long-awaited excursion with a range of up to 55 miles on a single charge. You choose the road; we will assist you in following it.

Conquer any Trail with Confidence

The Horizon is a dependable companion that can help you conquer any trail, whether you are conquering steep descents, navigating technical portions, or ascending uphill.

Full Suspension System

The cutting-edge Horst-link suspension system that distinguishes the Horizon from other mountain bikes is one of its primary characteristics. This ebike features a high-quality full suspension system that provides the best shock absorption and smooth performance on any terrain. The suspension has been designed to provide optimum traction and control, letting riders retain stability and ride comfortably even on the most tricky routes.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Heybike Horizon hydraulic disc brakes give superior braking performance in all conditions. Enhance your riding safety, stability, and steering with Horizon. The brakes are made of a high-strength aluminum alloy. The brake pads provide superior heat dissipation and braking performance.

1400w Peak Brushless Motor

Regardless of the riding circumstances, our newly built motor provides the most stable and comfortable ride possible. The 1400W Peak brushless geared hub motor pulls you forward quickly on hills. A torque of 80 Nm allows for a rapid start and greater power in less time.

24-inch Fat Tire

Obstacles such as slick roads, dense snow, and sandy beaches will not detract from your riding experience with the Horizon fat tire e-bike. This 24" x 4" fat tire electric bike provides better shock absorption and traction. 24-inch tires also increase the suitability for a professional cyclist.

Power Mode Switching

Horizon is a Class 2 or Class 3 ebike. It has both throttle and pedal assist features. It comes with a thumb throttle that can push you up to 20 MPH. It provides five levels of pedal assistance, ranging from minimal to high. In PAS levels 0 – 5, the Horizon has a top speed of 28 MPH.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The Horizon can travel up to 55 miles per charge (with pedal assist) thanks to the 48V/14.4Ah Lithium-ion Battery. The 692Wh capacity enables a pure electric range of 30 miles. Even after 600 charges, the horizon retains 80% of its life.

Durable Aluminum Frame

Horizon is available in sunset color design with a limited edition. It has a higher-quality aluminum low-step frame, three times thicker and sturdier than comparable frames on the market, resulting in stronger triangle stability and significantly increased weight capacity.

Prepare for Riding the Heybike Horizon Electric Bike

Before you go on your Horizon electric bike ride, ensure your bike is in good working order.

Check the Tire Pressure

Examine the tire pressure in both the front and rear tires. Squeezing the tire to see if it is soft is a basic test. If one is available, it is preferable to use a pressure gauge. Adjust the pressure to get the amount of air you want. The tire sidewall will indicate the maximum permissible pressure, but you do not need maximum pressure if you prefer a softer ride.

Charge the Battery

The Heybike Horizon e-bike includes a battery, a charger, and a charging cable. Plug the cord into the charger first, then into the battery, and finally into the wall. The battery can be charged while still attached to the bike or removed and charged at a different location, such as your office, after commuting to work. A red light on the battery will illuminate to indicate that it is charging properly.

Handlebar Height and Reach

Handlebar adjustments are also a crucial aspect of bicycle riding. Keep your wrists straight and your hands aligned with the brake levers when seated. Riding with your wrists straight reduces numbness or soreness.

Safety Gear

  • Helmets are essential for a safe ride, regardless of whether they are required in your state. Check that your helmet is in proper condition. The fit of your helmet should be snug but comfortable.
  • Cycling gloves are the second most critical safety equipment you should wear after a sturdy helmet.
  • Many riders choose to use safety eyewear. Safety glasses with tinted and polarized lenses can keep you from being distracted or dazzled by the sun or all drivers using high beams.

Adjust Seat Height

Adjusting your seat height is a crucial element of riding any bike. Set the seat as high as you feel comfortable riding to guarantee correct leg extension. When coming to a complete halt, lift the seat so that only the ball of your foot makes contact with the ground. If you prefer a lower seat height to keep your feet flat on the ground, that is fine, but remember that the higher the seat, the better.

Familiarize Yourself with Controls

  • Turn on the power and adjust the PAS

After turning on your electric bike, the Horizon, become acquainted with the PA S (Pedal Assistance System). This system will establish how much power your e-bike's motor has.

To start the Horizon, click the button on the handlebar. The plus and minus buttons on the left side of the handlebar allow you to change the level of pedal assistance, often known as P A S. Level zero provides no motor power; levels one through three provide light to moderate power; while levels four and five provide full power, which is best reserved for steeper climbs.

  • Gearing Mechanisms

Different eBikes have different gearing systems. The throttle and Shimano 7-speed shifter are located on the right side. The shifting mechanism of Horizon is flawless, with a smooth transition between gears.

  • Making Use of the Throttle

The Horizon requires a particular P A S level for the throttle to function. Pressing this will generate power without pedaling, and the bike will take off on its own, so wait until you are ready before pressing it, just like the gas pedal in a car.
The Horizon includes a headlight and tail light, which you may turn on or off as desired.


The Horizon is a full-suspension fat tire ebike with outstanding performance, dependability, and versatility. This bike tackles any trail, thanks to its innovative suspension technology, top-of-the-line components, and incredible handling. Whether you are a seasoned rider trying to test your limits or a novice looking to improve your skills, the Horizon is a dependable friend that lets you conquer any trail with confidence.

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