Electric bikes are a practical and sustainable form of mobility. However, the high value and growing demand for e-bikes increase the theft risk. We will provide our tried-and-true advice for keeping your e-bike safe from theft, ensuring that your investment is safe and lasts for many years.

Choosing a Secure Locking System

Different types of bike locks are available:


Many U-locks come with a bracket that allows you to attach your lock to your bike frame so can carry it more easily. The drawback to U-locks is that they are sometimes challenging to maneuver around whatever you are locking your bike to. Some of the thicker, small U-locks are difficult to handle.

Chain locks

The chain locks are a successful mixture because they offer excellent e-bike theft protection and adaptability. If you frequently secure your bike in inconvenient places on the street, you should strongly consider a chain lock method.

However, they are some of the priciest and heaviest locks on the market. A chain must have links at least 9mm thick to achieve a Gold rating. The best security rating for lighter chains is Silver.

Cable locks

Use cable locks as a secondary lock because they are the least secure alternative. They are portable due to their flexibility and small weight. However, wire cutters may quickly and easily cut through them.

Folding locks

Folding locks are an incredible substitute for U-locks because they are substantially lighter than chain locks. These locks’ rotating joints also make them more flexible than U-locks. If you can not lift something with a U-lock, you can wrap it around it. Large rivets hold hefty steel plates used in their construction together.

Proper Locking Techniques

Even while some of the best bike locks can be very pricey, the expense of replacing a stolen bike makes them well worth the investment. Also, you can operate more than one lock at a time. Using multiple bike locks on different components of your e-bike can further hinder theft.

By making a prudent investment, you can be sure are doing everything possible to deter thieves from targeting your bike. A well-made bike lock requires power equipment and a lot of time to get into.

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Choosing Safe Parking Locations

Park your electric bike in busy locations, but try to be considerate of other properties. Some areas might not function because there will be too much traffic when people are passing by. If you are locking up several motorcycles, this may be especially true.

Pick a public parking spot for your e-bike to reduce the risk of theft.

E-bikes parked in less busy locations are more likely to be the target of thieves. They would find it challenging to defeat the e-bike’s security system in broad daylight with so many people nearby. Additionally, avoid leaving your e-bike in one location all night. Try to take your bike home with you.

Take the Battery with You

The battery is the component of an e-bike that is the most attractive to thieves. Many e-bike batteries are made to slide on and off. If you can not lock your battery separately, you need to ensure you bring it with you.

Since the battery is frequently one of the most expensive and significant components of an e-bike, locking it up (or better yet, not having one at all) immediately reduces the bike’s attraction to thieves.

Consider E-Bike Insurance

Before considering how to secure your bike, consider securing insurance. Do not skimp on insurance since you have undoubtedly spent thousands on your new pride and joy. It inspires confidence in you so you can leave it anywhere and carry it everywhere.

Install a GPS Tracker

The placement of GPS trackers on the bike itself is virtually limitless. They function similarly to other Bluetooth devices. You can always keep an eye on your e-bike by sending out a digital signal that you can follow using a related app on your smartphone.

The real test of a GPS tracker’s performance comes when it is needed (for example, when you suspect your bike has been stolen and need to find it). Naturally, you would want to avoid being in this situation, but by installing a GPS tracker, you can feel confident that you are taking those crucial, additional precautionary measures.

If your bike is being tampered with, some GPS trackers will also send an alert or sound an alarm.


Remember that thieves are less likely to attempt to steal your e-bike if you make it harder for them to do so. You can help in keeping your e-bike secure in public by following these easy steps to register and mark it.

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