When riding an ebike, you're not exerting as much energy as you are when you're on a normal bike, so it can be tempting to wear lighter clothing and less protective gear, but that's not the best way to go about things. Even with electric assist, accidents happen, and weather changes quickly, so it's good to have proper protection when you bike! This article will help you decide what to wear when biking around town or trekking across the country with your ebike.

What to wear in warm weather biking?

Summer cycling jersey

You can find summer cycling jerseys that are long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or sleeveless. Sleeveless summer jerseys usually have breathable material on the back of the jersey and a zipper up the front or down the back. The breathable material will help you keep cool while biking, and they often offer pockets on the side of the jersey for carrying your bike lock, snacks, or anything else you may need while riding your bike. A regular cycling jersey is more form-fitting than a normal t-shirt, but some people like to wear one under their outer layer because it provides more protection from the elements.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are designed to be worn when riding your bike, so they are form-fitting. They offer more padding than regular athletic shorts, and they usually have a zipper on the bottom leg of each side so that you can easily pull them on over your shoes. Because cycling shorts are form-fitting, wearing two pairs will not be effective because it's too bulky and restrictive.

Summer baselayer

A baselayer is a layer of clothing worn closest to your skin. It's meant to wick moisture away from your body and keep you warm, so it's usually made out of fabric that has fibers specifically designed for one or both of these properties. Cotton is not considered an effective baselayer because it does not absorb moisture away from your skin, and it doesn't retain heat very well.

Bib shorts

Bib shorts are typically worn when playing a sport like cycling or riding your bike for exercise. They have suspenders attached to them so they can be worn over your shoulders, under your arms, and around your waist. There's usually a large front pocket on each side of the bib shorts where you can store a water bottle while riding.

Cycling cap

A cycling cap is a stretchy headband that fits snugly around your forehead and ears. They can be worn under a helmet or on their own, and they're typically made from spandex, so they cling tightly to your body. A cycling cap can help keep sweat from dripping into your eyes while you're riding, and it will also keep hair away from your face.

What to wear in cool weather biking

Quality base layers

The most critical thing is that your base layers should be moisture-wicking. This means they will move moisture away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry as you ride. So what do I recommend? For both men and women, I like the Icebreaker brand as they fit great and are available at many places online.

A vest

Most vests are windproof. This is key when you are out on your bike in cool temperatures, as it helps keep you warm while also reducing wind chill. Vest brands vary depending on your preference in materials, style, etc., but Patagonia has a good selection of high-quality options for both men and women.

Amid-weight jacket

The main purpose of a mid-weight jacket is to keep you warm as you ride. This means it needs to be both windproof and warm. They are thin, allowing you maximum mobility while also keeping your body temperature stable.

Leg warmers or full tights

Leg warmers and full tights are great for maintaining your body temperature as you ride, especially in cool temperatures. I recommend adding leg warmers if you're already wearing a mid-weight jacket. If you aren't wearing one, I suggest you wear full tights instead. Either way, both help to keep your legs warmer while also keeping them dry.

Gloves and a hat

It's always a good idea to wear gloves and a hat when riding your ebike. Gloves are a must-have, but I would wait until you get cold before putting on your hat. If you put it on too soon, it can cause you to sweat more as your body tries to regulate itself. It's also nice because once your hands start getting cold, they can help keep them warm.

Great socks and shoe covers

You also need to ensure that your shoes are sealed against the elements, as this will help prevent water from seeping through the top of your shoe. One way to do this is by using rubber booties over your shoes, which provide an extra layer of protection and warmth around the ankle.

What to wear in cold weather biking

Thermal base layer or long sleeve wool

Long sleeve wool will help keep your arms warm when biking in cold weather. It also regulates body temperature, which means it'll draw sweat away from your skin and allow you to stay comfortable even if you start sweating. It's important to stay warm and dry when riding an ebike on a cold day.

Thermal jacket

You'll want to wear a thicker coat in these situations as well. Wool is one material that is good for this because it's often made with natural fibers that are not only water resistant but they also can retain heat.

Thermal bib tights

Thermal bib tights are ideal for keeping your legs warm when biking. They're excellent at regulating temperature and trapping heat, especially around the knees, which can be very exposed when you're on an ebike.

Winter or wool socks

Winter or wool socks will do a great job of keeping your feet warm on a chilly day. Wool is especially good for wicking moisture away from your skin so that you stay dry when biking.


You'll need winter gloves too, which are typically waterproof and provide excellent insulation against cold temperatures. Choose gloves with a synthetic palm for better grip.

Balaclava for face protection

A balaclava is a must-have item when biking in cold weather. It'll cover your face and protect it from freezing temperatures. Wool is a good material for these because it provides excellent insulation while wicking moisture away from your skin.

What to wear when riding in the rain

Waterproof riding jacket

Ensure you get a water-resistant jacket made of breathable fabric like Gore-Tex that can keep you dry and comfortable.

Waterproof Biker boots

Get waterproof bike boots fitted with a rubber toe-box and steel shank or midsole. These will keep your feet warm and dry during your rides.

Full face helmet

It's also essential to choose a bike helmet that has a visor that can help shield your eyes from rain, as well as vents on top of it for efficient air circulation. This will keep you comfortable and allow moisture-heavy air to escape.

Waterproof riding pants

The pants you wear should be waterproof while still being able to breathe so you don't sweat excessively.

Waterproof bike riding gloves

You'll also want a pair of waterproof biking gloves. They should provide enough grip to hold on to your handlebars during slick or rainy rides while also providing flexibility and comfort.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it is always a good idea to dress for the weather. Layering is also a good idea so that you can take off layers when it gets warmer or put them on if it gets colder. The most important thing about what to wear when biking is comfort. If you are not comfortable, you are going to be miserable and not enjoy your ride at all.

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