Allow us to introduce our folding fat tire electric bike, Mars 2.0! Refreshed and ready for adventures on any and all terrains in comfort and style.

Mars 2.0 is still easy to mount and dismount from. It's still just as easy to fold, store, and travel with. It still offers the most comfortable ride, whether you're navigating through snow, sand, dirt, or anything else! And if you ask us, it's still the most uniquely designed folding electric bike out there, full of character!

Breakthroughs in technology have not only made it possible to create a foldable step-through electric bike but also equipping it with fat tires has opened up endless opportunities for exploring different terrains. Whether you're casually biking around your neighborhood or running a quick errand a few miles down the road. Check out some of the key features of Heybike's latest fat tire electric bike: You Must-have for Trip!

mars2.0 electric bike

What’s New of Mars 2.0 Folding E-Bike

Although our latest Mars 2.0 model retains the same anatomical structure, components, technical specifications, and performance expectations as Mars 1.0 electric bike, there are some highlights that make this expansion stand out:

Motor and Battery

The Mars 2.0 boasts a robust 750W hub motor (with a peak of 1400W) and falls under the Class 2 or Class 3 e-bike category, offering the convenience of both throttle and pedal-assisted electric propulsion. This versatile e-bike enables riders to cruise at speeds of up to 28mph (when unlocked), conquering various terrains with ease. Powering this motor is a specialized removable 48Ah battery, providing an average range of approximately 45 miles. The battery also features a USB charging port which allow users to charge the battery pack on or off the frame. However, your adventure's electric involvement depends on how much you choose to embrace the "e" in your e-bike experience!

Fat Tires and Front Suspension Fork

Featuring its robust 20" x 4" fat tires, the Mars 2.0 electric bike opens up a world of terrain possibilities for riders of all styles. Whether you're tackling sand, snow, pavement, or trails, this e-bike guarantees peace of mind. With its adjustable seat and front suspension fork, the Mars 2.0 ensures a comfortable and smooth riding experience. These fat tire electric bikes offer riders a convenient, flexible, adventurous, and enjoyable mode of transportation.

Foldable, Portable and Storable

As with the Mars 1.0, the Mars 2.0 foldable e-bike offers ultimate portability and convenience. Whether you're an urban dweller, an avid adventurer, an RVer, or someone living in a cozy apartment with limited space, Mars 2.0 is designed to win your affection. This versatile e-bike seamlessly blends into your lifestyle, allowing you to explore the world around you.

Compact and easy to store, the Mars 2.0 effortlessly fits in your car's trunk, your RV, your closet, and even under your work desk. This means that now, everyone can enjoy the adaptability of an e-bike that perfectly suits their needs!

Tech Features

Mars 2.0 offers a versatile riding experience with its pure electric mode, three levels of pedal assist mode, and manual mode (pedaling). The thumb throttle is thoughtfully positioned on the handlebars, right by the rider's left thumb, ensuring easy access to power up and start your journey. Riders enjoy the flexibility to customize their ride's gear settings to match their individual preferences and riding style.

New Color Options

And on the topic of style! Mars 2.0 offers a captivating selection of four elegant colors: Leather Black, Cloud Grey, Honey Orange, and Cerulean. This electric bike boasts a stunning contemporary-retro aesthetic, effortlessly blending into a variety of environments, whether it's the bustling cityscape or a serene coastal trail.

App Operation

Download and register for the Heybike APP account, and connect your Mars 2.0 electric bike via Bluetooth. You can check the battery status of your electric bike on the Heybike APP, and if it's low, you can charge it promptly. You can also automatically unlock your Mars 2.0 electric bicycle through the Heybike APP, allowing you to enjoy your riding experience at any time.

Who’s Mars 2.0 Designed For?

Mars 2.0 fat tire electric bike is not just designed for rugged wilderness adventures. It can also perform well on the sand, making it a great choice for a beach cruiser. Moreover, it can be an essential mode of transportation for anyone planning to navigate the city. Whether you're a 9-5 commuter looking to get to work quickly, an entrepreneurial hustler covering most of their day on two wheels, or a casual urbanite who prefers biking for errands and commitments over driving, Mars 2.0 electric bike offer flexibility, adventure, convenience, and enjoyment, it might just be the perfect bike to meet your needs.

Meet The Mars 2.0

The Mars 2.0 is the latest addition to the Heybike family and provides riders with power, versatility, and the ability to go anywhere they please in comfort and with confidence! It is a must-have for any traveler looking to combine convenience, sustainability, and adventure in their journeys. With its compact design, impressive electric assistance, long-lasting battery life, safety features, and commitment to eco-friendliness, it ticks all the boxes for a reliable travel companion. So, whether you're exploring new destinations, commuting to work, or simply enjoying leisurely rides, make the Heybike Mars 2.0 your go-to choice for your next trip, and experience the joy of eco-friendly, hassle-free travel.

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