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A woman with her dog is riding Ranger S fat tire e-bike on the beach

Electric Bikes for Every Women: Ultimate Buying Guide

To help you choose the perfect women’s electric bike, we discuss what features to look for and the different models to consider based on your preferences.

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A man and a girl are riding a Horizon fat tire bike in the spring season

Spring into Action: Get Your Ebike Ready for Spring Traveling

How to get your ebike ready for spring traveling? Here are 8 useful tips for your reference. Check and start electric biking in the beautiful spring!

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Heybike Hero carbon fiber ebike with 1000 watt hub motor ebike

Understanding the 1000w Hub Motor Electric Bike

In this article, we discuss the 1000w hub motor electric bike and the things you should consider when choosing one.

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4 Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes in 2024

4 Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes in 2024

Fat tire electric bikes are popular among riders due to their versatility. Explore this article to choose a fat tire e-bike that best serves your riding needs.

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A woman is riding a Horizon step-through e-bike on the road

How to Choose an Electric Bike for Women

In this article, we discuss how to choose an electric bike for women, key features, and recommended models for female riders.

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750w mid-drive motor on the Hero ebike

Understanding 750w Mid-Drive Motor E-Bikes

Find out what are 750w mid-drive motor e-bikes, their benefits and drawbacks, and how to choose the perfect mid-motor electric bike for you.

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Hero carbon fiber ebike for mountain riding

Enhance Riding with Carbon Fiber Electric Mountain Bikes(eMTB)

Carbon fiber electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) have many advantages over traditional e-bikes. This article tells how the benefits can improve your riding.

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Hero carbon fiber all-terrain electric mountain bike(eMTB)

Introducing the All-New HERO Carbon Fiber All-Terrain E-Bike: Forged for Any Challenge

Experience the next generation in e-bike technology with the HERO carbon fiber e-bike. Destined to shatter boundaries, the HERO is forged for any challenge.

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A man is riding a Mars 2.0 folding fat tire e-bike downhill apace

Compare Mid-Drive Motor vs. Hub Motor for Electric Bikes: Pros and Cons

Are you confused about choosing a hub motor or mid-drive motor for your electric bike? This blog tells you the major differences between them.

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