Hero carbon fiber all-terrain ebike

With durable frames and fat tires, all-terrain electric bikes let you climb steep hills and ride over rough terrain like loose gravel, mud, snow, and sand.

Unfortunately, these qualities – plus the electric motor and battery – contribute to a heavier e-bike, so you must anticipate corners sooner. Designed to be a lightweight and all-terrain powerhouse, the Heybike HERO is powerful, durable, and versatile enough to let you unleash your adventurous side.

Read on to find out what the Heybike HERO is, its advantages, and the different applications that you can use it in.

Experience Unmatched Performance

The Heybike HERO is a full-suspension, all-terrain electric bike. It has a T800 carbon fiber frame, 26x4” fat tires, 750w mid-drive or 1000w rear hub motor, step-through or trapeze frame, torque sensor, and Shimano 9-speed gear system.
Both electric motors have a 35-mph top speed, and the 864Wh battery can travel up to 60 miles on a single charge.

Power Through Any Terrain

Whether you ride through a bust urban street or over a sandy coastal beach, you can conquer almost any terrain with the HERO. The beefy 26x4” tires absorb shocks and impacts while the deep tread pattern cuts through loose gravel, mud, snow, and sand, helping you maintain balance and stability while preventing aquaplaning in wet conditions.

You can choose between two electric motors: the 750w mid-drive (160 Nm torque) and the 1000w rear hub motor (100 Nm torque). Both motors are quick off the start, reaching 35 mph on pure throttle, and have excellent hill-climbing prowess. However, with 160 Nm of torque, the 750w mid-drive motor has a slight performance edge.

Don’t forget the long-distance battery. Even when you factor in weight, riding style, and terrain, you can expect to travel from 45 to 60 miles on a single charge based on throttle and pedal assist use. Whether you want an electric bike to commute to work or school or to ride off-road on the weekend, the HERO’s remarkable range will take you far.

Effortless Control

While cadence sensors measure when you use the pedals, torque sensors measure how hard you use the pedals, so they provide a more natural and seamless ride feel.

Complementing the torque sensor is the Shimano 9-speed gear system. It provides a wide range of gears to accommodate any situation and a fast, smooth, and responsive shifting experience.

Light and Agile

Made from a T800 carbon fiber frame, the HERO’s mainframe weighs just 2.8kg and is 36% lighter than aluminum. Thanks to its lightweight construction, you can navigate rough terrain and turn corners faster than heavier full-suspension e-bikes, resulting in a safer and smoother ride.

Additionally, carbon fiber is more malleable, allowing the frame’s tubes to assume shapes that aluminum cannot. With this unique design, the HERO carbon fiber all-terrain ebike is a treat for the eyes!

Comfort on Any Adventure

The HERO’s fullsuspension system consists of a front hydraulic suspension fork and rear Horst-link air suspension.

Together, these two components help absorb impact at the front and back, reducing the amount of force that transfers from the point of impact to the rider. As a result, you will enjoy a consistently smooth ride on even the roughest terrain – ideal if you use your electric bike for camping.

Conquering All Terrains: A Versatile Companion

Does your idea of the perfect ride involve a stroll through the park? A weekend away in the mountains? Or a leisurely beach ride over the sands?

Whatever you desire in an electric bike, the HERO is the perfect companion for your daily commutes and weekend adventures. Here are just some of the many ways you can enjoy using the HERO carbon fiber ebike:

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Take the HERO on your next camping, fishing, or hunting trip. With a payload capacity of 400 lbs, you can carry plenty of heavy cargo in one trip, from fishing poles and bait to camping supplies like tents, flashlights, food, beverages, and a compass. Plus, the full-suspension system and 26x4” tires will support you wherever you go.

Navigating Urban Landscapes

Whether you live in a busy city or the quiet suburbs, the HERO carbon fiber ebike is the perfect companion. With the 26x4” fat tires, you are not just limited to flat terrain; you can take shortcuts through parks and on loose gravel bike trails, reducing your daily commute times.

Plus, the built-in headlight will keep you safe at night, illuminating the path ahead so you can see and be seen by others.

Beach Leisure Riding

You might not think the beach would be an appropriate place for an electric bike. And for some, that might be true. But not for the HERO.

The next time you plan to hit the waves, bring the HERO. You can use it to transport accessories, ride across the sands as the sun sets on the coast, and get a well-deserved exercise. Most importantly? The deep tread pattern on the fat tires will keep you stable on any surface.

Riding in the Snow

If the beach is not daring enough for you, how about the snow? Yes, you can ride an electric bike through the snow, which the HERO can achieve.

When equipped with a 750w mid-drive motor, the HERO can easily cut through deep snow and provide a natural pedaling experience as you ride over the crisp white powder. In addition, you can ride at a lower tire pressure than usual, allowing you to almost float over the snow.

Mastering the Mountain

When tackling steep hills and complicated bike trails, the HERO has your back. Using the five pedal assist modes and throttle lets you easily climb steep ascents without breaking a sweat.

The 26x4” fat tires can absorb almost any bump or impact, whether landing a jump or riding over loose debris like gravel, leaves, and twigs. With the HERO, you can push your limits on every ride.

Elevate Your Journey With the HERO

Destined to shatter boundaries, the HERO represents a leap forward in all-terrain electric cycling. By combining lightweight performance and all-terrain capabilities with a sleek design, the HERO is powerful, versatile, and visually stunning. Plus, it’s the perfect companion for any riding adventure, whether you are navigating a busy street or an off-road bike trail.

Experience the difference for yourself. Pre-order the HERO today!

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