Best Bike Chain Lube for Different Bikes Explained

When you are looking for bike chain lubes, you will find different types of products. These items vary in their material and the bike you have. Also, the products have their pros and cons but you just need to know which one is the best for your bike. Most bike chain consists of Teflon, carrier fluids, synthetic oils. However, due to the recent popularity of wax in the lubes, the wax-based lubes are going at the top for some years. Before adding the lubrication you need to clean the chain thoroughly.

You will get different prices for bike chain lubes, and it will depend on your decision whether you are choosing an expensive or a cheaper one. However, if you select a cheap product, you might have to end up spending more bucks than a good and expensive one. This can happen with the costly product too, so you need to choose wisely. Let's find out the type of lube you can have from the market and more in this article.

Dry lube

If you are riding in a dry climate then this is the Bike chain oil for your vehicle. Dry lubes are made of ninety percent of carrier oil and ten percent of additives and synthetic fluids. Some companies also make wax-based lubes that are dry. These lubricants offer lower friction and better efficiency as it attracts fewer contaminants. The only disadvantage of this type is that it can get washed easily when you are riding in the rain or through puddles.

Wet lube

This Bike chain lube is the best for riding in wet weather. The product has a higher proportion of PTFE and synthetic oils. You will get more lube on each milliliter, and this increases and does not get washed off by water or puddle. The downside of this chain oil is, it attracts grime and dirt more than anything. If you are using this lube then, you need to clean your drivetrain regularly, only that way the bike will run properly. If you neglect this cleaning service, then the drive train will wear off.

Ceramic lube

This lube has earned its popularity in the past years, as the manufacturers claimed that it will increase the performance. However, it wasn't clear what ingredients it had or the type of extra benefits people could get using it over the other types. Though, a company which makes wet and dry lube both, they also produce ceramic chain oil claimed that this product has the particles of ceramic. They also claimed that this reduces friction and it's more effective than synthetic lubes generally sold in the market. It increases the longevity of the drivetrain and you will be able to save your money.

Wax lube

Paraffin wax-based chain oils are wax lubes in the industry. This product has gained popularity in a couple of years. This has been tested and it has shown a great score in resisting contaminants, increasing longevity and efficiency. The one downside of this lube is that you need to clean the chain before you apply the product on it otherwise, the oil will not stick to the metal and will not dry properly. This suggests that you have to clean the new chains too.

For Road Bikes

For road bikes waxed based chain oil is the best. This is efficient and will keep the drivetrain clean. You can also use this lube in a wet climate and the bike will run perfectly. Experts mostly suggest this lube as they are very efficient. All you have to do is to clean the chain properly before applying the same. This will prevent corrosion and give long life to the drivetrain.

For Mountain Bikes

Dry lubes are perfect for mountain bikes. As you are riding in the hill areas, your vehicle has to face grimes and dirt. Only dry lube can prevent that. You can also use wax-based products which are better and aren't restricted by the downside of dry lubes. If you are reluctant to clean the bike, then you can go for standard wet lubes, but before you purchase the same, you need to remember that you will be compromising the longevity of the drivetrain. So you must look at your wallet and invest wisely in a wax lube.

For Commuting Bikes

For commuting bikes, the best option is wet lube. You can also invest in good mudguards which will protect the chain from dirt and grimes. Also, you must clean the bike, if you want the long life of the vehicle.

How to Oil Your Bike Chain

So, the question is how to oil bike chain? To oil the chain you need to shift into the chainring and middle cog. You can place the bike upside down or on a stand you need to turn the cranks back gently. You can apply a steady stream of oil on the chain, but experts suggest that putting drops are more effective. If you add the oil one link after the other, there will be no waste. Once the full chain is complete, stop the application and pedal back faster. This way the oil will reach the places it's required. After ten to fifteen seconds take a cloth piece and wipe the remaining oil on the outer part of the plates. Finally, you have to pedal forward and move the chain in different gears.

How Often to Oil Bike Chain

If you ride your bike almost every day then, it will be best if you clean and lubricate the vehicle regularly. The oiling is required in the chain and it will provide better performance. People often ask how often to oil bike chain, for this experts suggest that if you clean and lubricate the chain once a month, it will be well protected and give better performance.

The drivetrain and chain get dirty the most. Thus, you need to clean these parts regularly even after you are using wax or dry lubes. If you neglect the cleaning and oiling routine you will get some bad news such as,

  • Lower shifting performance
  • Increased wear and drivetrain cogs
  • The reduction of chain link flexibility
  • The chain will wear faster


You can ride any type of bike (including electric bikes), but the regular maintenance of the chain is very important. You can get an idea about the chain oils from the above content, and invest in the right type of bicycle lubes.

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