Have you ever wondered what the bar in the middle of your bike is? You will be astonished to learn that this element of the bike is as crucial as the rest. You will have no questions about what is a crossbar on a bike? You will be able to identify bikes by their crossbars alone.

The horizontal bar that connects your saddle to the handlebar is a crossbar. No one talks about it, but we will debate it here. The handle and the saddle are the first things you touch when you sit or are about to sit on a bike. You hold the handlebar with both hands as soon as you sit in the saddle. The handlebar allows you to steer the bike, while the saddle helps you sit upright as the rider.
This bar was in the middle of the bikes in the 1970s and 1980s.This bar supports the bike frame while also keeping the rider safe. It keeps the legs of the rider on their sides and their knees facing forward. Only men’s bikes now have a horizontal crossbar in recent times.

Crossbars are also present on women’s bikes, but they are curved. Nowadays, most women’s bikes do not even have a crossbar. The sturdy bike frame does an excellent job of holding the bike together. There is a separate bike category that is unconcerned about crossbar location. These bikes are Unisex bikes. It is not that they do not have crossbars; they do not have gender-specific crossbars.

Difference Between Men’s Bikes And Women’s Bike Crossbar

The sole difference between a men’s and a woman’s bike crossbar is the location and shape of the crossbar. The crossbars on men’s bikes are horizontal. They are straight and begin at the saddle and end at the lower portion of the handlebar. On the other hand, the crossbars on women’s bikes are in the shape of a U and begin at the top of the pedaling disc and end beneath the handlebar. Both genders’ bikes have these two distinguishing traits. Even the colors on each bike are different.

Why Do Women’s Bikes Have A Lower Crossbar?

Ladies’ bikes have a lower crossbar to make it easier for women to mount their bikes while wearing dresses. Not only can they readily mount the bike, but they can also maintain their dignity. In the 1970s, it was considered impolite, arrogant, and vulgar to reveal the legs of women in public.

It is now a different story in current times. Women’s jeans, trousers, and shorts are easy to wear and comfy. These clothing do not keep their legs together and allow them to move freely. As a result, women can ride bikes with horizontal crossbars.

Women can now ride men’s bikes or bikes with a horizontal crossbar, but the U-shaped curvy crossbar bike frame has become the icon for women’s bikes. Although they are not wearing any dress, many ladies prefer the bike with a lower crossbar.

Can Women Ride Men’s Bikes?

Women can ride male bikes, and some women, especially those who are taller or have longer torsos, may find a better fit on a man’s bike, which you can label as a unisex bike. Whether the bike is built for men or women, women should focus on selecting a bike that fits their body and height. Men’s bike frames are built to support heavier bodies, so a long woman may discover that men’s bikes are better suited to her needs.

It can take a few weeks of riding to figure out if the bike is a good fit for you. Return to the bike store for adjustments, swap out bike components that are not working well for the fit, such as the saddle, or try a different size or style of bike that may fit better.

Women may also need to switch saddles because women’s saddles are intended to suit broader sit bones and include a cut-out or reduced pressure chamber for the groin area, but this may not be an issue if the bike is used for short distances.

Various components, like the brake levers or handlebars, may need to be adjusted to make it the perfect height and reach for your body.


Lower crossbar bikes have not altered much in the more than 200 years since they were invented, but they are still a popular commuter and recreational alternative. Thankfully, there are now a variety of women’s bikes to pick from, and you may select the ideal one according to your needs.

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