Hunting is a hobby that e-Bike riders are taking up more and more, and some businesses have produced specifically designed e-bikes for hunters. Electric bikes were previously merely seen as a novelty item, but they have since evolved into so much more and hunting e-bikes come with some elaborate features of their own.

Whether you want to do bike riding or even hunting, there are some extremely versatile machines out there. Electric hunting bikes work wonders when it comes to setting up traps and rapidly navigating the tough terrain when you're out in the field. Here's an in-depth guide on electric hunting bikes that takes you through their benefits, alongwith what to consider before making a purchase.

two fat tire electric bikes on the wild

What is an electric hunting bike?

The electric hunting bike has a design that is particularly tough and has a range of up to 60 kilometers on a single charge. To help you carry all your gear, one could use hunting e-bikes using add-ons like freight trailers, bags, and racks. The bike frame should be strong enough to handle the rough terrain while also being lightweight enough to be lifted from your vehicle or trailer. A smooth ride depends heavily on the front suspension. Nobody wants to bike ten kilometers while their nicely tuned bow is swaying and bouncing on their handlebars. E-Bikes designed for hunters also have fat tires, often between 4" and 4.8", which provide them an excellent grip on muddy and uneven ground.

Benefits of electric hunting bike

Beyond a mountain bike, buying a hunting bike will undoubtedly have many advantages, particularly if you use it for hunting. Even though they are pricey, their build quality is superb, and despite their high cost, their unique advantages cannot be disregarded. The following are some incredible advantages of using electric bikes for hunting.

1. Handles Rough Terrain Deeply

Compared to your vehicle and your four-wheeler, a pedal-assist bike can bring you farther into your preferred isolated hunting locations. Amazing opportunities for scouting, setting up game cams and even discovering a new, expansive viewpoint become available when you lose hundreds of pounds from your access rig. If things start to go crazy, the hydraulic brakes will keep you safe.

2. It can Carry Ample Gear

An amazing thing about a hunting electric bike is that it can handle ample gear almost effortlessly if you couple it up with the right accessories. And that too, without making you compromise in terms of your maneuverability or stealth. A complete range of waterproof and highly durable on-bike packs allows you to carry cooking gear, dry layers, meals, and beverages. Adding an extra rack also lets you carry a tent along.

3. Lets you Keep Cover

It's true that we have all sped around a corner on a four-wheeler and startled an unwary deer. Imagine, though, something that can hear that four-stroke engine arriving from a mile down the road and has already left even by the time you get there. A premium electric hunting bike is just the ideal combination of strength and stealth, and it might significantly increase the effectiveness of a scouting operation. A pedal-assist hunting bike may occasionally be even quieter than walking!

4. No Safety Concern

Electric bikes are really more readily available to people than conventional bikes because riding one calms the rider while posing little to no safety concerns. The rider's psychological state improves as a result of the increased precision and power that electric bicycles provide, which are very difficult to obtain on conventional bikes.

5. Get Your Harvest Over

Nobody will contest the fact that a hunt in a distant area is better overall since there are fewer people there, which results in more aggressive wildlife and a better overall experience. Until it's time to pick up a felled elk, that is. Elk bulls weigh 650 - 700 pounds on average. If you're hunting alone and have to carry 150 pounds at a time on foot. Between the kill shot and the time the meat is placed in the freezer, an electric hunting bike can drastically alter the experience.

What to Look For in An Electric Hunting Bike

To get the best pick that suits your specific requirements, it's a good idea to take the following things into consideration while choosing a hunting electric bike.

1. Speed and Maximum Power

The motors and batteries in hunting e-bikes provide power. As a result, the power of each bike will vary. However, the top speed is essentially the same in all versions. Typically, hunting electric bikes have 500 to 1000 watts of electricity. Additionally, these bikes have a top speed of 20 to 25 kilometers per hour. Pedal-assist levels allow you to raise the top speed cap, though.

Additionally, different models have a variable amount of pedal-assist settings. Heybike offers an electric bike model called Brawn, which has a powerful 1400W peak motor and runs up to 28 mph with 5 levels of pedal assist. The Brawn e-bike is an ideal companion for outdoor hunting.

2. Battery

Hunting e-bikes come in a variety of motor sizes, and as a result, so are their battery sizes. A completely fueled e-bike can typically travel more than 30 miles without the need for pedaling. But take into consideration that the size and type of a battery affect this mileage. Deal with the situation appropriately with care.

3. Strong Motor

All electric bikes have motors that can help you reach speeds of 20 or 28 miles per hour, although the volume of the engines can vary. There aren't too many nations that restrict a motor's performance power, even though the motor's speed will be capped. While shopping for an e-bike to hunt, you want to strike a balance between a motor that is quiet enough not to scare away the game you're after but still has enough strength to conquer any slope you stumble across.

4. Comfortable Bars, Saddle, Pumps, and Handles

An electric hunting bike also comes with great comfort. You can carefully choose a model with an ergonomic configuration and intended for long rides. If the default components don't feel comfortable, we advise switching out the grips, seat, or pedal for a more comfy riding experience. Once you buy or begin building a hunting e-bike, be conscious that what is suitable for the handlebars may differ from individual to individual.

5. Dimensions

Hunting e-bikes come in a variety of sizes, much like traditional bikes, so picking the perfect one for you is vital. Typically, the hunting electric bike's structure determines how big it is. Find a bike that fits your size and frame type.

6. Grippy, Fatty Tires

One should only choose wide, hefty tires if you're using your e-bike for hunting. Bigger tires offer superior traction assistance, making it simpler for you to keep your hold when riding. A rupture or flat will be much less likely to occur 20 miles from the nearest road if you use thicker tires, which normally have more extensive puncture protection. Pick an e-bike with larger-than-average tires if you want the best, smoothest riding possible while you're hunting.

7. Noise

Environmentally friendly two-wheelers are rechargeable e-bikes that lack an engine. Therefore you cannot anticipate hearing an emission sound from it. So make sure to check about the same because an electrcic bike for hunting with almost zero noise will help you when you are out there in the wilderness.

8. Weight

When choosing the right electric hunting bike, also consider the weight of the game you are carrying. When harvesting a deer, the electric bike should be able to assist you in easily moving it elsewhere.

What Hunters Say about E-bikes

Brawn fat tire e-bike equipped with a gun on the rear

Many hunters have shared their thoughts on e-bikes, specifically the Brawn e-bike from Heybike, as well as other models they have used. They often need to transport a significant amount of gear and equipment, and e-bikes have proven to be capable of handling the load. The Brawn e-bike, in particular, is known for carrying ample gear without compromising maneuverability or stealth. Besides, outdoor hunting often takes a long time. With its long-lasting battery, Brawn has received positive feedback for covering long distances without running out of power. Michael, a seasoned hunter, once said: “I like riding an e-bike for hunting. The Brawn e-bike is my favorite bike. It helps me save lots of time. There is so much fun in going hunting with an electric bike!”

What is the Best Type of Motor for Electric Hunting Bikes?

Electric hunting bikes come equipped with different types of motors that define the bike's power and performance.

Rear Hub Motor

The back wheel contains the rear hub. The hub motor is straightforward and very cheap to produce, therefore it is typically used in e-bikes that don't require the mid-drive's ability to climb hills, resulting in a less priced e-bike. Hub motors push from the rear and therefore can feel akin to the power of a motorcycle. They tend to be about brute strength and brutal force. One convenient aspect is that even if the chain were to break, you still could return to camp or your house because the rear hub rotates the wheel. Because the mid-power motor is integrated with the drivetrain, a broken chain would render the bike inoperable.

Mid Drive Motors

Mid drive motors offer a much balanced force that feels more natural. They are housed inside the frame between pedals. As compared to a conventional hub motor, mid drive motors have renowned to have more performance and power, making them more effective on slopes. One important factor is the mid drive motor's ability to double power and better utilise the bike's current gears by driving the crank rather than the wheel itself.

All-Wheel Drive

Another choice feels like the best of all worlds and is gaining favor quickly. And the hub motor (rear hub) was already evaluated; nonetheless, picture a front hub on the front wheel and a rear center on the rear wheel. It essentially consists of two motors working in tandem to provide twice as much pulling power. And when climbing, you can alternate between using the front and the back or both. It can take some getting accustomed to on rough and uneven ground where both tires are often not touching down to gain traction, but when you do this is a very enjoyable ride.

Ultra Mid-Drive Motor

The greatest motors available right nowadays are ultra mid-drive motors. The Bafang (G620) Ultra mid-drive motor has the quality performance of the standard mid-drive and thus more. While the Ultra also features a torque meter, a conventional mid-drive only has cadence and speed sensors. The best way to regulate power is with a sensor unit. The pedal assist increases according to how hard you pedal. Additionally, there are sensors that will cut power whenever the system detects that the rider is about to transfer gears, resulting in a smooth shift.

A conventional mid-drive would've been best suited if you want to use it on medium to difficult terrain with certain hill climbing. The Ultra mid-drive will do the trick if you anticipate having any difficult climbs or uneven terrain and require complete control over the power. The rear hub motor would work well if the terrain is mild with some hills.


Having to find a new electric bicycle could be thrilling and time-consuming because you have preparations to complete before you buy one. If you switch to riding an e-bike for regular commutes, you may save a lot of money. Finding a variety that will meet your demands should not, however, take up a lot of your time. The key is to simply look for the aforesaid things when you are scrolling through different models out there, and you will be able to settle for exactly what you need.

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