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Tips for Battery Maintenance in Winter

Winter is coming. Lots of people like to ride their e-bikes to go outside to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Electric bikes are convenient transportation tools for touring, but please take care of the batteries.

How to Clean & Lubricate Your E-Bike Chain

For your electric bike, the chain and the drivetrain are the dirtiest parts. A dirty chain will not only shorten the lifespan of the e-bike but also will cause lots of troubles.

Tips For Preventing Your E-bike From Stolen

Recently we received numerous of feedback from our customers about e-bikes stolen. We all know how upset and frustrated it was as the more the owners love the e-bike, the more disappointed.

Practical Tips for Avoiding Flat Tires

A flat tire is not only a frustrating thing but also it is easy to cause accidents. Imagine the scenario that you are riding an electric bike on a heavy traffic road. Suddenly, a tire blows and your bike slows down the speed immediately.

Riding Guide for Ebikes in Autumn

Autumn is a great season for cycling and to tackle fantastic rides in the saddle of your commuter bike, enjoying mild temperatures and warm hues around. There’s nothing like the cool air on your face and spectacular colors!p

Bike to School | Shine for New College Life

For many college students or those who prepare to enter the university this year, school life is colorful and enjoyable in their minds. But most of the colleges cover a large amount of area.

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