Electric bikes are a really good choice for senior citizens’ mobility needs for many reasons. Today we’d like to introduce you to some of these.

It's comfortable to ride errands with E-bikes

Electric bikes are great because they enable you to do more with your bike. If you weren't comfortable riding a bike to do errands and you thought that it took too much effort before - Electric bikes will change your mind and you are soon happy to ride those errands. The Motor on your bike makes it so much easier to ride the bike even longer distances. Carrying groceries and other equipment is a breeze too as you don’t need to worry that the extra load will tire you out. You can fit some rack bags and baskets to keep your stuff organized and secured.

Electric bikes are great in motivating you to do more exercise

Riding E-bikes is a lot easier for anyone that doesn't want to over-exert themselves on rides. If you want the exercise you are free to pedal at first and if you get tired on the way back, you can use some pedal assistance to get back home. If You really want to take it easy, set the bike on full throttle, and let the bike do all the work while you cruise back.

Being able to control the assistance the motor brings also makes it possible to set up the level of pedaling required so that is not too taxing for your joints and hips. Get some exercise but use enough assistance that you don’t need to put too much weight on the pedals and pressure on your legs.

As E-biking removes the fear of cycling being too exhausting it motivates you to get more exercise. It super healthy for you and it’s even suggested that cycling can even alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Choosing an Electric Bike for Seniors

There are three main things that you should pay attention to when choosing an electric bike in general and especially for recreational use.

1. Frame

The most accessible bike for older people is one with an open frame.

As you get older, mounting and dismounting any bicycle can become a problem. When we talk about an electric bike, you still have to account for the structure which is almost like a normal bicycle - except for having to accommodate the battery, motor, and extra controls. For seniors, We recommend an electric bike that has a swooping frame. Ideally, something with a low step-through frame that is much easier to get on and off. This kind of frame also brings extra safety because if riding gets too challenging, you can just put your foot or feet down on the ground which is important especially when you have the motor involved.

2. Motor

Don’t go overboard and choose a too powerful motor that you don’t need.

We recommend an electric bike with a 250-Watt motor that gives you a good pedal assist and full cruise top speed that doesn’t overwhelm you. If you are not commuting and need to be somewhere fast - We don’t recommend bikes with 500 watts and over for light recreational riding for seniors as it is more than you need and the extra speed and torque that these motors bring require more experience from the rider.

3. Throttle and Pedal Assistance Features

A fully featured Electric Bicycle lets you choose how much you want to exert or not exert yourself during rides.

Electric bikes are a really good option for senior citizens because they enable you to go so much further than you've ridden before. In addition to that, you can choose how much you want to exert or not exert yourself based on how much you want to let the motor assist you during your rides. You can first get some exercise by pedaling the bike yourself, and then you can engage the motor and have it to help you to get home. It’s a great benefit as it clearly increases your mobility and even lets you take longer trips on which you would normally have used a car and if you get too tired to pedal just let the motor do all the work.

Electric bikes are great because you always have the motor to rely on. When you have one, you can always push yourself to go a little farther, see more things, and do more with your bike.

Safety Tips

When you ride an E-bike, you should be aware of safety issues.

1. Safety Gear - Always wear a helmet when riding

As we get older and our bodies get frailer, wearing a helmet is imperative. It's important if you choose to get on an e-bike, go to the speeds that you're comfortable with.

Other safety gear that we recommend are wrist guards and a reflective jacket or one with bright colors that’s easy to spot.

2. Familiarize yourself with the bike, especially if you have balance issues.

Because of the fast speeds that an electric bike can reach it's very important to familiarize yourself with the bike first. If you are used to riding a normal bike you will surely be surprised how much power the motor actually brings - it’s kind of a cool and weird feeling at first when you start to accelerate.

E-bike accidents are possible and often that is just because of improper knowledge of using the product. So don't jump on it and think you can do it right away. Take your time and work through it especially if you haven't ridden a normal bike in a very long time.

Study the features and make sure you understand how to brake properly, where the brake is, how to use the throttle, and understand the different power levels that come with pedal assist. So you can familiarize yourself with what kind of boost you are going to get. It's very important to know how to properly use the product and get comfortable with it. You can first try the bike in an open and familiar area to be safe from accidents. Don’t be discouraged though. Riding an e-bike is as easy as … well, as easy as riding a bike! Just a few new controls and extra power to get used to.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a great electric 250W Step-Thru Bike like the Heybike Cityscape which has a Step-through frame that makes it easy to get on! Not only that but the bike also has a very comfortable seat and riding position.

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