Electric bikes work just like traditional bikes but come with an electric motor and battery, which applies power when you use the pedals or the throttle. Electric assistance makes cycling easier, letting you climb steep hills and navigate technical terrain with less effort.

E-bike technology has come a long way since Yamaha created the first pedal-assist bike in 1993. The release of the Heybike HERO is a leap forward for the market. It is available in a step-through and trapeze style frame, with your choice of a 750w mid-drive or a 1000w rear hub motor.

This article will discuss the HERO mid-drive eBike, including its features and benefits.

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The Benefits of a Mid-Drive Motor for All Terrains

The two main types of motors found on electric bikes are hub and mid-drive. Hub motors rest on the front or rear tire, and they have a cadence sensor that activates the motor when you start pedaling.

Mid-drive motors, on the other hand, rest on the bottom center of the e-bike, between the cranks at the bottom bracket. Instead of directly applying power to the wheels, mid-drive motors apply power to the cranks and drivetrain.
Due to the placement of mid-drive motors, they provide a better center of gravity than front and rear hub motors. This makes them easier to handle on off-road terrain, as your weight distribution is more evenly balanced.

Mid-drive motors also have a torque sensor, which automatically adjusts the motor power based on your pedaling effort. The harder you pedal, the more electrical assistance you receive, creating a more natural riding feel than a hub motor.

Power and Performance Built to Last

The Heybike HERO 750w mid-drive motor can produce up to 160Nm torque and reach a top speed of 35mph. The electric motor is 25% faster than a comparable 750w rear hub motor, and it offers the natural ride feel and stability that mid-drive motors are known for.

Optional Rear Hub Motor

While mid-drive motors offer better weight distribution and a more natural ride feel than hub motors, they are more expensive and higher maintenance. This is because the e-bike frame is built around the mid-drive motor and the motor places more stress on the drivetrain. If you prefer the ease and simplicity of a hub motor, then the HERO all-terrain electric bike is an excellent choice.

With up to 100Nm torque and a top speed of 31mph, the 1000w rear hub motor offers similar performance to the 750w mid-drive motor. Also, since the rear hub motor applies power directly to the wheel, it places less stress on the drivetrain. Thus, the chains, cogs, and other components will likely last longer.

Long-Range Battery

The HERO’s internal battery has a maximum capacity of 48V/18Ah (864Wh). It can last up to 60 miles on a single charge, and the 48V/4A charger can recharge the battery in 5-6 hours. If the battery runs out, you can still ride the HERO manually with just the pedals.

To extend the battery range, you can adjust the pedal assist mode from zero to five. At five, the motor will provide maximum electrical assistance, while at zero, the motor will provide no electrical assist. Therefore, the lower you set the pedal assist mode, the longer the battery will last.

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Unmatched Comfort and Control

Designed for maximum comfort and support, the HERO features a Shimano 9-speed gear shift system, a carbon fiber frame, and hydraulic disc brakes. These features ensure a consistently smooth, comfortable ride on any off-road terrain.

Full Suspension System

The HERO mid-drive eBike has full suspension, which includes a hydraulic front fork and rear suspension.

The hydraulic front fork helps absorb the impact of trail obstacles, which prevents your arms from getting sore when you hold onto the handlebars. Meanwhile, the rear suspension provides back support, which keeps you comfortable on the seat (saddle).

You can also adjust the suspension fork to suit your needs. Turn the lockout lever counterclockwise to lock out the suspension fork’s travel (the distance between the compression and the rebound). Or subtract the resistance of the adjustment knob for a softer ride.

Shimano 9-Speed Gear Shift System

When combined with HERO’s powerful 750w mid-drive motor, the Shimano 9-speed gear shift system is a delight. It offers seamless, intuitive gear shifts. And it lets you switch to a wide range of gears – perfect for ascending the steepest hills. Plus, the levers are comfortable to grip and easy to control.

Carbon Fiber Frame

Made out of T800 carbon fiber, the HERO’s frame weighs just 2.8kg. It is 36% lighter than a comparable aluminum frame. Carbon fiber has natural dampening qualities, making it comfier than an aluminium frame. Carbon fiber is also an inert material, not susceptible to chemical corrosion or atmospheric salt damage.

Confident Stopping Power

The HERO all-terrain electric bike has dual piston-reinforced hydraulic disc brakes and 180mm rotors. When you apply pressure on the brake lever, hydraulic fluid transmits to the calliper, which closes the brake pads. The responsive control offers superior stopping force.

Compared to mechanical brakes, hydraulic disc brakes require less force to achieve the same level of stopping power. They are also easier to maintain than mechanical brakes, so they last for longer when you take good care of them.

Conquer Different Terrains With the HERO E-Bike

Whether you primarily ride in an urban or off-road setting, the HERO mid-drive eBike is versatile enough to conquer any terrain.

Urban Commuter

When cycling the streets, you primarily ride on flat terrain. You must also navigate traffic and pedestrians and follow strict speeding limits. The HERO is excellent for urban riding, as you can use the electric motor to ascend steep hills and navigate tight corners – without sweating too much. If you ride often to work or school, the HERO will keep you in physical shape and help reduce sweating.

Trail Explorer

As well as featuring full suspension, the HERO has 26” x 4” traction-enhanced fat tires. Whether riding on loose gravel, mud, sand, or snow, the tires provide exceptional traction on various terrain. You can also ride at a lower pressure than narrow tires, which lets you explore unconventional paths comfortably.

Silent Hunting Partner

Use the HERO to scope out game. The 750w mid-drive motor is much quieter than an ATV or SxS vehicle, so you can ride closer to your destination instead of getting off your bike and walking. The electric motor will help you sweat less and prevent animals from detecting your scent.

Create Your Adventure With HERO

For the ultimate all-terrain electric bike riding experience, look no further than the Heybike HERO. By combining the benefits of a lightweight carbon fiber frame with a powerful 750w mid-drive motor, you get to ride fast and stay in control on various terrains. Best of all? The carbon fiber frame is covered by a premium frame 10-year warranty.

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