With power-assisted cycling capabilities, electric off-road bikes allow you to conquer technical off-road terrain with ease. Thanks to the electric motor and battery, you can cover greater distances with less physical stress. The only downside to these components is that they do add extra weight to the e-bike frame.

This is where the Heybike HERO electric bike comes in. Featuring a carbon fiber frame, the HERO combines the versatility of an e-bike with the lightweight performance of a non-electric off-road bike.

Read on to learn more about the Heybike HERO electric bike is, and why it’s the perfect choice for off-road enthusiasts.

A man is riding a Hero electric bike off-road

Powerhouse Performance

With your choice of a 750w mid-drive (160Nm torque) or 1000w rear hub (100Nm torque) motor, the HERO has a top speed of 35mph. The torque sensor automatically adjusts the motor’s power based on your pedaling effort. The harder you pedal, the more assistance you receive from the motor. This provides a more natural, effortless riding experience.

In addition, the 750w mid-drive motor is 25% faster than a comparable 750w rear hub motor, giving you a performance advantage in any riding scenario.

Lightweight Manoeuvrability

Heybike's HERO e-bike features a lightweight carbon fiber frame

A world-first for Heybike, the T800 carbon fiber frame weighs only 2.8kg and is 36% lighter than a comparable aluminum frame.

Combining impressive durability with lightweight performance, the frame is designed to reduce wind resistance and absorb vibrations, enabling you to ride faster and enjoy a smoother, more comfortable journey.

Furthermore, unlike steel or aluminum, carbon fiber is not chemically inert. This means it does not react to air, humidity, and solvents at ambient temperature. As a result, the HERO is not susceptible to salt damage or chemical corrosion, making it easy to maintain its clean appearance.

The HERO electric off-road bike is also available in two frame designs: step-through and trapeze. Without a top tube, the step-through is easy to mount and dismount, and it features a stylish orange color tone. Meanwhile, the trapeze has a low top tube and a vibrant bright green color tone. Both frames have a recommended rider height of 5’3” – 6’6” and 5’4” – 6’6” respectively.

Maximum Comfort and Control

close-up view of full suspension system

The 26” x 4” fat tires provide outstanding stability and shock absorption on a wide variety of terrain, including sand and snow. The deep tread cuts through loose particles and moisture, improving traction on dry surfaces and preventing aquaplaning on wet surfaces.

Additionally, the extra wide tires cover more surface area than a narrow tire, enabling you to ride at a lower tire pressure. This means you can enjoy the extra cushioning without the risk of a puncture.

Aside from the balance and support of fat tires, the HERO also has a dual suspension system, which includes a hydraulic front suspension fork and Horst-link air suspension in the rear. Together, these two components offer improved handling on technical terrain and smoother performance on rough sections, both uphill and downhill.

Long-Range Battery

When off-road biking, it’s not uncommon to ride for several hours at a time and be miles away from the main roads. For this reason, you want an electric battery that will keep you going for longer, which is where the Heybike HERO electric bike excels.

Featuring an 864Wh battery, the HERO can ride up to 60 miles on a single charge. While mileage may vary based on your riding style and electric motor usage, the long-range capabilities of the HERO make it the perfect companion for extended outdoor adventures. Best of all? The portable charger takes about 5 to 6 hours to recharge battery, so you’ll be riding again in no time at all.

For total peace of mind, the HERO is TUV Certified to UL 2849 Standards. This means that all of the HERO’s electrical components, including the drive train, battery, and charger system, are certified to meet the highest electrical and fire safety standards. It is an internationally recognized standard provided by TÜV Rheinland, an independent service company with decades of experience in global certification and auditing.

Light Up the Night

To aid you in maintaining visibility, the HERO is equipped with a powerful front headlight. The LED light has a maximum power output of 1000 lumens and an adjustable high beam and low beam setting. This way, you can light up the path ahead as much as you need, enabling you to both see and be seen at any time during the day or night.

The light is also powered by the built-in battery, so you only need to keep the battery charged for you to use the front headlight as well.

Reliable Braking System

For precise and reliable stopping power, the hydraulic disc brakes on the HERO have you covered.

Unlike mechanical brakes, which use cables to engage the piston, hydraulic disc brakes work differently. When you apply pressure on the brake lever, pressurized fluid is sent to the caliper, which activates the pistons and presses on the brake pads.

As well as being consistent and reliable, the brake lever on the HERO is easy to use, delivering a higher level of stopping precision. With this level of control, the HERO is ideal for descending steep hills and navigating technical terrain.

Start Your Outdoor Adventure With HERO

The Heybike HERO electric bike represents the next step forward in e-bike technology. Featuring a lightweight carbon fiber frame, powerful motor, durable suspension, and long-range battery, the HERO is a powerhouse that will not only take you further but also allow you to traverse a wide range of terrain. Whether you’re a casual rider or an off-road enthusiast, the performance and versatility of the HERO is simply unmatched.

For a comprehensive overview of the Heybike HERO in action, check out the video review of the HERO from YouTuber TailHappyTV. The Heybike HERO is available for preorder through Indiegogo now with an estimated shipping time of June 2024.

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