How Does Electric Bikes Define in New York State?

General legislation in New York State oversees the usage of electric bikes. Local laws are also in place in several counties and towns (more on that to come). This information is accurate as of February 2023, but make sure that e-bike regulations can change.

According to the New York State e-bike laws, an electric bike is a bike with fully working pedals that is no wider than 36 inches and contains an electric motor that is no more powerful than 750w. These categories apply to electric bikes:

  • E-bikes are divided into three categories, with class 1 being the most basic. These are electric bikes with pedal assistance for low speeds. The only way the bikes will move is if you peddle. They have an electric motor that helps the rider pedal. When the bike reaches 20 mph, the motor ceases to assist.
  • Class 2 electric bikes have a throttle but operate at low speeds. The bikes have motors that allow the rider to move forward without pedaling. This e-bike may be started and ridden without using the pedals. As the speed hits 20 mph, the motor can no longer assist, just like class 1 bikes.
  • In New York, Class 3 e-bikes, in the industry, are described as bikes with a motor. The engine assists you while you ride, making it effortless. But as the speed reaches 28 mph, the assistance is cut off and is not recognized or allowed to be used. In New York, the maximum speed limit is 25 MPH.

ebike laws in new york

6 Essential Laws to Be Aware of When Riding Electric Bike in New York State

While having a similar appearance to regular bikes, e-bikes include an electric propulsion system that moves the user more quickly than they can pedal. This advantage is well-liked by many individuals as it allows for some workout while also enabling faster movement than a standard bike. Before beginning to ride an e-bike, people should be informed of the laws in New York that govern these vehicles.

When using an electric bike, you must obey the following laws:

  1. Your bike should not have more than 750W of power, and the information on speed is ambiguous—class 3 bikes can go faster than the 20 mph that New York considers to be the limit.
  2. Riders must wear a helmet if their e-bike can go over 20 mph or if they are under 18. Wearing a helmet is still a wise safety precaution to remember. Moreover, helmets are required for all class 3 bike riders and passengers.
  3. If the local government has not decided differently, you can ride your electric bike on bike trails but not on a sidewalk.
  4. The rider must be at least 16 years old.
  5. The 20 mph posted restriction on different zones.
  6. Riders must have speeds lower than 30 mph on authorized highways. They are not allowed on highways with speed limits greater than 30 mph.

Frequently Asked Questions About Riding E-bikes in New York State

Do you need a license to ride bikes in New York State?

In New York City, using an electric bike does not require a license (this is unique from mopeds, which need one). Also, you are not required to obtain insurance or register your e-bike with the local DMV (but e-bike insurance is a good idea).

Are there any age restrictions to riding bikes in New York State?

You are allowed to ride a Class 1 or Class 2 e-bike if you can ride a bike and are aware of the regulations that control its use. Nonetheless, Class 3 e-bike riders should be at least 16 because they have a top speed of 25 miles per hour.

Should I wear a helmet to ride bikes in New York State?

All working riders in New York City, including delivery drivers, must wear helmets when using Class 1 or 2 e-bikes. All Class 3 e-bike riders must wear helmets. The only age group required to wear a helmet is between 16 and 18.
Regardless of age, only those riding class III e-bikes are required to use a helmet while doing so. If evidence is presented showing that a helmet was bought or rented between the date of the infraction and the court appearance, a fine for class 3 helmet violations will be waived.

Are Class 3 e-bikes legal in New York City?

According to a reading of VTL 1242, Class III E-bikes can only be used inside a city with a population of one million or more. Class 3's is illegal outside of NYC because this statistic is unique to New York.


You must comply with the rules and specifications for electric bikes in New York. Be sure the bikes you order have a maximum motor power of 750W or less, pedals that are no wider than 36 inches and contain an electric motor. When riding an class 3 electric bike, make sure to understand the speed limits if you are under 16 . Recognize your classification as an electric vehicle and the requirements.

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