We are excited to share with you the news that Heybike has been nominated for the 2024 Rider's Choice Awards! We are now competing for 5 kinds of awards in this event, including best comfort electric bike, best cargo electric bike, best folding electric bike, best off-road/fat-tire electric bike, and best city living electric bike.

Hosted by Micromobility World, this award event aims to emphasize the rapidly growing mobility ecosystem in the world and highlight some excellent companies that provide citizens with innovative transportation modes. Heybike, an emerging electric bike manufacturer, is honored to be nominated and we would greatly appreciate it if you could vote for us through this link!

Nomination of Heybike for-Rider Choice Awards 2024

Continue reading for more information about Rider's Choice Awards and Heybike’s development.

Reputation of Rider's Choice Awards

The Rider's Choice Awards, which were established with the goal of recognizing remarkable achievements and innovations in the electric bike sector, have become a symbol of excellence and validation within the industry. Each year, a panel of specialists comprised of seasoned riders, industry professionals, and enthusiasts rigorously evaluates and selects the most deserving candidates according to rigorous criteria.

What sets the Rider's Choice Awards apart is the transparent and unbiased evaluation process. The team of judges assesses nominees based on various factors, including performance, design, technology, customer satisfaction, and overall impact on the riding experience. This comprehensive approach guarantees that the winners truly represent the best in the industry, so as to offer riders some valuable insights and recommendations for their electric bike journeys.

Winning these awards not only signifies excellence but also serves as a testament to a brand's commitment to creative improvement and customer satisfaction. Heybike’s nomination of the 5 awards demonstrates our dedication to producing high-quality electric bikes that resonate with riders on multiple levels.

Heybike's Journey to Excellence

Founded in 2021, Heybike quickly gained market shares with its tremendous development. From the outset, Heybike sets out to redefine the electric bike experience by incorporating cutting-edge technology and advanced functionality. Our team of engineers and designers works relentlessly to break new ground and produce electric bikes that exceed expectations. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and embracing emerging technologies, Heybike has established itself as a true pioneer in the field.

The market competition for e-bikes is rather fierce in 2023, but Heybike embraces this challenge bravely and launches lots of excellent e-bike models that win many compliments from customers. We are deeply aware that customer satisfaction lies at the core of Heybike's mission. We focus on understanding the needs and desires of riders, and offer a diverse range of electric bikes to cater to various riding preferences and lifestyles. Whether it is the best off-road ebike (Brawn), best folding ebike (Mars 2.0), or best comfort ebike (Ranger S), Heybike has a model to suit every rider.

Although Heybike has attained some achievements so far, we never stop pursuing excellence. Determined to empower a sustainable future as the premier provider of green transportation solutions, Heybike is confident to pioneer e-bike innovation, transform lifestyles and unlock new dimensions of freedom. We believe there is a brighter future on our journey to excellence!

Heybike's Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Our commitment to quality and innovation always guides us on the road to development. Quality is at the forefront of Heybike's ethos and innovation is a driving force behind Heybike's success. We are ambitious to create high-quality ebikes with innovative features that revolutionize the whole industry.

Heybike ensures most electric bikes meet the UL 2849 Standard confirmed by TUV Rheinland Standard. We source premium components and materials, and meticulously select each part to ensure durability, reliability, and optimal performance. For example, Tyson's frame is made of magnesium alloy, which makes it lighter and more efficient for riding. Horizon ebike has a full suspension for effective shock absorption. Heybike's rigorous quality control procedure guarantees that every bike leaving the production line is of exceptional quality, instilling confidence in riders and setting a benchmark for excellence.

Innovation can not be ignored when it comes to Heybike’s success. We believe in producing creative ebikes so as to cope with the various and ever-changing needs of riders. The smart app connection feature empowers users to monitor battery life, adjust pedal-assist levels, check riding statistics, and even track the electric bike’s location. This smart connectivity feature brings much comfort and convenience for Heybike riders.

Committed to high quality and innovation, our Heybike team thrives unstoppably. We hold the belief that instead of driving a car, riding an electric bike can definitely reduce the CO2 emissions. We are sure our electric bikes are going to help create a greener planet!


The 2024 Rider's Choice Awards notably represent Heybike’s achievements in the e-bike industry. We will always pursue excellence, high quality and innovation. Heybike is determined to bring every rider a more convenient and healthy life! We would greatly appreciate it if you could vote for us through this link!

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